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8 Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021

Freelancing is one of the most profitable ways to earn as a writer, especially in 2021 where most businesses are moving online and need writers to help boost their online presence. 

Below, we have some of the best online tools that are important for freelance writers in 2021. Check these online tools out to make the most out of your freelance writing career. You’ll also learn a lot from these tools. So keep reading to find out more!


This is a web application that helps in processing PDF files, free of charge and with speed. With competitions in the file converter space and different options to choose from, here’s what PDFBear offers you. 

PDF Converter: PDFBear can assist any freelance writer to convert Word, PowerPoint, and any excel file document from PDF files.

Delete PDF Pages: If there are unnecessary pages on your PDF folders that are using space or maybe there are parts you would like to delete, PDFBear can quickly delete pages from PDF in few steps under 5 minutes. 

Word to PDF: PDFBear makes word document files easy to access by converting them to PDF files.

Your files are also secure, this is to prevent PDF documents from being accessed by a third party or stranger. Your files are automatically removed from the system in less than 60 minutes, except you would like to save them in your account for reference. 

Rotate PDF: Depending on the project a freelance writer may work on, you may need to rotate the PDF document and this web-based app does that well.

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Edit PDF: PDFBear makes it easy and fast to edit any PDF document and you can even add text, shapes, or anything just to customize the PDF.

These are the main important things that a freelance writer can do with the help of PDFBear.


As a writer, professionalism is required from you. Your output should be readable by your target audience; this is what Hemingway helps you with. No doubt, we cannot all construct the perfect sentences, but with Hemmingway, you can do just that. 

It helps you highlight complex sentences and suggests alternatives for awkward words or phrases that could be hard for readers to understand.

With Hemingway, you can calculate variables like readability, passive voice, lengthy sentences, and weak phrases. Readers dislike reading articles that are too long, but when some texts or sentences are bold or unique, it attracts them to continue reading on the go. Hemingway is incredibly helpful to freelance writers, and it should be one tool you try out in 2021. 


Grammarly is a trusted grammar and plagiarism checker worldwide. It is used by millions of writers across the globe and comes in both free and paid versions. 

What this web-based app does is scan your text for the exact use of advanced grammar rules, corrects spelling, and suggests alternative words to use. The best way to become a good freelance writer is to make Grammarly your writing companion. 

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After writing an article, it is highly recommended to use this tool to check for spelling errors and plagiarism. No one is an English expert, but using an app like Grammarly can get you close. 

The amazing thing about this app is that it can work in any text editor program. It can also be added to your favorite browser for easy accessibility on the go.

Grammarly works on both Android and Desktop.


Just like Grammarly, Copyscape is also another Plagiarism checker app that can help a freelancer writer to spot whether the article is original or not.

A plagiarized article says a lot about your integrity and your client won’t feel happy about this. And when in doubt about your plagiarism, it’s best to confirm with the help of Copyscape. 

Word Counter

Word Counter is another reliable app that can guide a writer on the number of words, characters that he or she has written. When you copy and paste your article to the text box, you can view the number of words and characters in your article. 


Canva is a modern online tool that allows a freelance writer to produce any type of image design such as images for a blog post, presentation, social media posts, covers, and many more. The tool is easy to use even for people with no prior graphic design training. Templates are available and all you have to do is add or change icons or texts as you wish. You can add images from the site or import images from an external site. There are also short videos available. 

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Google Keep

Google Keep is one service of Google, and what it does is to allow a user to create quick notes on the checklist. It also has an audio feature that has the tendency to record your voice. With google keep, you can take down brief notes quickly while you read or carry out any other task. It is available on Android, IOS, Chrome, and Web.

Skitch by Evernote

With the help of skitch, you can annotate screenshots and documents. It helps a user to sync and organize note and still keep it handy. There are templates available to help you write down notes and keep them organized as well. This tool is available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad, making it simple and easy to use on any device.


Productivity and quality are both equally important if you plan to scale your writing career. As much as we constantly learn, being perfect and writing a perfect article without error is an illusion. With these tools, you can take advantage of the help that technology has offered to us and create better outputs that are close to perfect at least. 

The tools listed in this article are just a few out of many available tools open for freelance writers to use. Most of them come in paid and free versions, so consider your budget while subscribing to use any.

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