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About to Graduate from College? Here are the Adulting Tips you need to know

When you are packing up your room in your hostel near NMIMS in your final semester of college, you’re bound to feel a lot of conflicting emotions: Proud of yourself for getting through these years of stress and studies, excited for the journey ahead, but also a little confused and anxious about how to be a “real” adult. And the truth is, making the transition from a college student to a young professional can be difficult. From living on your own, working your first job, moving to a new city, there’s a lot that’s in store for you.

So, what are the secrets that can help you navigate the real world without any fear? Well, unfortunately, there’s no one formula for success when it comes to surviving as an adult. After all, the future is often unexpected and even the best of plans can fall short. That’s why, instead of suggesting certain milestones or paths for you to follow, we recommend some changes to your mindset. With these tips and reminders, you’ll be able to adjust to the rollercoaster ride that is adulting – and even have some fun along the way. So let’s get started!

Create a sense of structure

Think about your life in college. Each semester you had a timetable to follow, professors to guide you, routine assessments and activities followed by holidays. You had a syllabus you were expected to learn and follow, and the only one who could really get in the way of your success was yourself (and your alarm, when it came to early morning classes). But adulthood takes that regimented structure and throws it out the window. When you transition out of college, you won’t have any timetables to follow or course contents to stick to. And this can make you anxious because you won’t know what to expect. That’s why creating a structure for yourself is really important. We don’t mean you need to make a timetable for your daily plans, but a larger sense of structure for the major parts of your life will help you feel a lot more confident. Chart out milestones and success steps for yourself, or reach out to a supervisor or mentor for help. Having a structure will help you figure out how to use your time well and make progress towards your goals.

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When you’re fresh out of college and making the transition into adulthood, it’s the perfect time to break out of your comfort zone and explore who you are. Try new things, experiment with different interests and find your purpose. Remember that these days, with people having a lot more flexibility in terms of changing careers down the line, you don’t even need to find a career path you want to stick with forever. So don’t let any fear or apprehension get in the way of your exploration. Even if a choice you make ends up being a mistake, this phase in your life is an ideal time to learn from that mistake and pivot. You likely don’t have any larger responsibilities at this stage, so taking a job in a startup or outside your field won’t have many consequences, but will allow you a lot of scope for learning. Since you’re going to be new at whichever field you choose, remember to ask questions, even the silly ones. At this stage, you can get away with asking anything and everything, so go ahead and solidify your learning.


Embrace reality

The most important thing that you need to get a hang of is the gap between reality and your expectations. We’ve all had those dreams about living it up in our 20s, but often adulthood involves a lot more hard work and unglamourous effort than we hope. So the quicker you adjust your expectations, the better. In all probability, your life is not going to be as put together as the vloggers and influencers make it seem on Instagram. And that’s okay. Mess, stress and confusion are a part of life, and they can be a great way to bring out the best in you and make you resilient. So don’t feel the need to compare yourself to others or live up to a particular aesthetic. Be comfortable with your reality and its awesomeness because it is unique to you. 

Reach out

When you’re out of the bubble of your college friends and family, you might be tempted to retreat inwards and stick to yourself for a while. But don’t let that get in the way of fostering meaningful relationships with your colleagues and other new people you meet. Reaching out to others can help you leverage different opportunities and skill sets you might have missed out on, and simultaneously expands your network. Getting along with your colleagues will also help ease your transition from college student to professional adult, as you’ll have people to share your thoughts and questions with and will feel part of the team a lot more quickly.

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Acknowledge the process

Finally, remember that the journey you’re making is a tough one. So, give yourself space and time to adjust. There will be times when you’re in your hostel near Manyata Tech Park wondering whether you’ve made the right choices or are on the right path. At those times, remind yourself that you are still in the early stages of your career and that the process is a long one. You’ve got plenty of time to learn and grow. So, treat yourself with kindness and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find all the answers at once. 

These five adulting tips will set you up for success when it comes to making the transition from college to a career. No matter the anxieties and apprehensions you may have, adjusting your mindset will help you cope with the realities of adulting. So, take a deep breath and get ready to start your journey. It’s going to be amazing.

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