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Benefits of Dedicated Development Team for Your Business Growth

Dedicated Team Model is a model of cooperation with a digital service provider. Here  the client is provided with software development specialists on a long-term basis. A team of specialists is selected in accordance with the requirements of the project. It’s based on their experience and skills. Management of the development and coordination of the communication process may remain the responsibility of the contractor. The team usually works from the office of the service provider in this case.

The main goal of dedicated software development is to quickly recruit a team. It will fill the lack of necessary knowledge and will work as your own. This format of interaction allows you to either completely replace the development staff. It helps to establish joint work with an internal team. It’s subject to a clear division of responsibilities.

Also SEO can help in your business growth and boost you revenue or sales.

Types of SEO

Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO is optimizing a website for Google search to earn higher web traffic levels and improve the online visibility of the site. The higher a site ranks in Google for keywords and phrases with search volume, the more likely people are to visit that site. 

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Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO takes these efforts seen in traditional SEO and applies them to large-scale sites with thousands and sometimes even millions of individual pages. It involves the targeting of hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of keywords.

Product-Led SEO

Product-Led SEO leverages content by allowing a product to tell a story. Instead of focusing on keywords, Product-Led SEO places the user first. Meeting user demand creates organic marketing and product success. Product-Led SEO is different because it emphasizes understanding the customer and building the software to deliver the experience for them. You can follow this guide to create a product led seo (guide by Kurt Uhlir) to know how to do product-led SEO and how to implement it.

Stages of Recruiting a Benefit Development Group

  • Requirements collection. The contractor examines the project requirements, and wishes for the organization of the workflow;
  • Selection of specialists. Based on the requirements, experienced specialists are selected who possess the necessary technologies. This process can take several weeks;
  • Team implementation. At this stage, the responsible persons, preferred communication channels and management tools are recorded. In some cases, the team leader is first introduced to the project. The additional team members gradually join them;
  • Formation of reports. According to a pre-agreed format, the client is provided with reports on the hours spent on development. Services are billed monthly based on these hours.

Software Developer Benefits

What are the virtues that make the dedicated team model so popular?

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Hire Fast: The vendor has a variety of talent on staff, giving you access to talent and cutting edge technology without the cost of recruiting. And without delays in the launch of your project, you will not lose the projected profit.

Scalable: You can grow and shrink your team size by notifying the vendor one month in advance. You do not have to fire programmers. They will avoid the legal hassle associated with official employment.

Partial Delegation: Minimal management effort is required on the part of the customer, since the administration and micromanagement is largely the responsibility of the supplier. The client is involved in making important decisions that directly affect the results and quality.

Transparency of processes: participation in management implies daily communication with the team. Thanks to this, you always know what the developers are doing, how far they have come, what difficulties you have encountered.

There is no perfect strategy for attracting performers. So working with a dedicated team has its drawbacks. Unlike traditional outsourcing, here the customer assumes part of the project risks. For example, it is the client’s responsibility to take care of the transfer of knowledge in advance and to allocate resources for the maintenance of project documentation in order to reduce dependence on the supplier. It is also the customer’s concern to ensure the full workload of the team, since downtime is billed.

When to use the Dedicated Command

The format with https://8allocate.com/ is well suited in cases where you have development experience. You understand the life cycle of creating digital products and the know-how to build processes for effective work. But at the same time, you do not have your own resources to implement the project.

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Perhaps you do not have your own IT department, or it is too busy to be distracted from strategic business priorities. For example, a full-time team is in charge of the server-side. And you urgently need front-end specialists to implement a redesign. If at the same time it is impossible to clearly define the scope of work. And the requirements change in the process, then it is beneficial to involve a dedicated team.

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