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Blancpain: A Desirable Watch Brand Today

Blancpain is one of the most desirable luxury watch brands in the world, alongside Rolex and Omega. It produces highly advanced and durable timepieces that look great on all types of occasions. They are elegant enough to fit in business meetings but also casual enough to pair with a plain t-shirt and pants.  Each one of them comes with a classic design and impressive lumes allowing you to read the time no matter the light condition. The majority of them contain a movement that allows them to function smoothly and accurately for up to 120 hours after completely winding them. The brand’s watches are timekeeping tools that you can rarely see on everyone’s wrist. If you still don’t get why a lot of people admire the brand, then keep on reading.

Why has Blancpain become a desirable watch brand?

Blancpain never fails to incorporate the values of traditional watchmaking in its timepieces but it also makes sure that they have innovative complications. It started as a manufacturer of pocket watches under the management of Jehan-Jacques Blancpain. He did not have any background in watchmaking but he paved the way for the company to succeed through his determination and passion. He used to work as a school teacher and livestock breeder but imagine that he pioneered modern industrial watchmaking in the 19th to 20th centuries. Below are the reasons why it becomes a desirable watch brand worldwide.


The oldest watch brand in the world.

The majority of enthusiasts will not feel satisfied with their watch collections without the presence of a Blancpain watch. For them, it is a timekeeping tool that they must have since it is the oldest watch brand in the world. The founder named Jehan-Jacques Blancpain registered the company as a horologer in 1735 making it the oldest watch company. For over centuries of being in the watchmaking industry, it had great contributions and patented a lot of horological firsts. Every watch collector would want to have a timepiece with a rich history that they can be proud of.

Controls the entire manufacturing process.

You can find the workshops of Blancpain in Le Sentier and Le Brassus. They are in control of the entire manufacturing process from conceiving and designing to assembling. The company handles the entire fabrication process without the need to import materials from other companies. Its workshops are responsible for researching and developing,hand-finishing the details of the case and dials, and performing quality control. These practices tell so much about the company as well as its trained employees’ dedication to their craft. 

Takes conscious effort in preserving the ocean.

The brand started taking necessary actions toward ocean preservation in 1953 after it launched the Fifty Fathoms. Throughout the years, it supported various activities and initiatives to help preserve life underwater. It even created the Blancpain Ocean Commitment in partnership with various organizations like Pristine Seas expeditions. In recent years, the company released the BOC watches with a limited number of pieces, and a part of the generated sales went to activities meant to support ocean protection. If you are one in reducing the impact of climate change and preserving the natural resources that you have, then you would admire the little things that the brand contributes to achieving these goals.


Produces timepieces that are more inclusive to petite women.

In the past, brands mainly created timepieces with large case diameters and movements which would solely look good when worn by men and women with large wrists. But Blancpain changed this by introducing watches with smaller movements and feminine designs. It launched Rolls, the first automatic women’s wristwatch that featured a narrow shape, a self-winding movement composed of 15 jewels, and a sliding system as a winding mechanism. Later on, the company released a collection of women’s jewelry watches to make it more inclusive to petite women. It became possible through their CEO named Betty Fiechter. 

Produces timepieces for scuba diving

The CEO of the company from 1950 to 1980, named Jean-Jacques Fiechter, made the company passionate about creating timepieces that can withstand conditions when worn during scuba diving. Under his management, he released the very iconic Fifty Fathoms watch with impressive functionalities and features. It addressed almost all the problems encountered by professional divers. For example, it had a locking mechanism that forced the bezel to stay in place during a dive. It became one of the most popular watches of the brand because its technical capabilities guaranteed the wearers of utmost safety and style.


Frequently asked questions

  1. What to do to maintain the quality of your Blancpain watch?

Just like any other item, you have to take good care of your Blancpain watch to maintain its quality and condition. It is advisable to carefully read and understand the instructions provided in the manual before wearing it. Aside from that, you must avoid shocks to the wrists so you have to remove them when playing golf or volleyball. Lastly, there is a need to regularly visit the official retail store of the brand for checkups and replacement of damaged parts.

  1. How long does Blancpain train its watchmakers?

Before hiring any watchmakers, Blancpain would require them to attend two training courses. It conducts the first training in a specialized school for watchmaking that will last for approximately 3 years while the other one would last for 1 year. The purpose of the latter is to expose them to complicated mechanical pieces and pendulum systems. 

  1. How can you receive a certificate of authenticity of your Blancpain watch?

The customer services located at the headquarters in Switzerland are responsible for giving customers their certificate of authenticity. What you have to do is to visit any of the brand’s authorized retailers and hand them your Blancpain watch. It will conduct a full diagnostic check to determine if it is not an imitation. 

In a Nutshell

After reading this article, you probably have a better understanding and appreciation of Blancpain’s history, models, and practices. It offers luxury watches with superior quality, craftsmanship, and style. So make sure to get one from this brand by ordering on WatchShopping.com!

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