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Comparing 5 of 2022’s Top-Notch Mind Mapping Software

Keeping track of every activity while working on any project is tedious. Whether you are designing a website, writing an academic term paper, or setting up a place for an event – something or the other will surely slip out of your mind. Therefore, finding the right place for every idea is a helpful solution to avoid forgetting it. 

Mind mapping is defined as a creative process that comprises brainstorming new ideas and co-relating them by connecting the dots. A mind map helps you understand how different project parts relate to each other. Anyone who wants to develop their basic ideas, build up a new project or create a strategy to achieve their goals can use mind mapping. TechRepublic states that mind mapping facilitates generating innovative ideas and removing mind-blocking obstacles. A mind mapping software obtains all the data from your physical brainstorming session and implements all the benefits that the digital format has to offer. With that in mind, let’s take a look at five of the best mind mapping software available in 2022:


Mindomo is one of the best mind mapping software available readily in the market currently. It features a very appealing UI that conveniently facilitates jotting down and visualizing thoughts and ideas. The wide range of themes available makes the experience very exquisite. The app’s integrations with major cloud-based platforms make this application an exceptional collaborative tool. In addition, Mindomo also integrates well with other applications. The application is available for all major platforms, including macOS and Windows. Even though a free version of Mindomo is available, the paid version offers more features and functionalities. If you wish to create a process and work on its concepts and workflows, Mindomo is the right tool for you.  

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If you want to make a mind map that perfectly sums up all the ideas floating around in your head, iThoughtsX is the perfect mind mapping software for the job. The application helps its users capture and organize their thoughts precisely. iThoughtsX is a powerful mind mapping application that you can use to create long-term plans. Its elegant user interface makes the process of digitally putting on ideas hassle-free and fun. Furthermore, the app supports all the major file formats, and thus, the user does not need to worry about incompatibility issues. The drag-and-drop functionality further simplifies things. In addition to all this, the app’s cloud sync feature and advanced filters make the mind mapping experience even better. iThoughtsX is exclusively available for macOS. 

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Considered to be one of the best tools for creatives all around the globe, xMind offers its users an excellent experience of creating mind maps. It provides innovative mapping structures, including brace map, matrix, fishbone chart, etc. To add to the benefits, the app also features appealing map designs. Users can use different colors and images to create a more attractive mind map for themselves. Furthermore, the app features lots of cool preset styles and templates that users can choose from based on their preferences. Overall, xMind provides an easy and complication-less interface that makes mind mapping very interesting. The app is available on the majority of the leading platforms, including macOS and Windows. 


If you are searching for a simple-yet-useful mind mapping software, Scapple is one such mind mapping app. It is a user-friendly platform that allows users to jot down their ideas on a virtual piece of paper. After the user has written down their creative ideas, they can interconnect them using arrows or lines to show their flow. Even though the app is very simple, it does not compromise on features. Scapple allows its users to customize its appearance, drag and drop items, export ideas, etc. The application is perfect for someone who follows a note-taking approach to complete tasks. Scrapple is exclusively available for macOS and Windows users. 

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Ayoa is one of the most-used mapping software available in the market currently. It offers a variety of tools that facilitate creating a clear and attractive mind map. The app features a variety of templates and presets that users can opt for based on their vision for their mind map. The feature that makes Ayoa stand out from the rest is that it can be used both online and offline, i.e., you can work on a map without an internet connection, and as soon as you connect to the internet, updates will be reflected in the map. Even though the app is available on all leading platforms, it offers limited integration. 

Mind mapping is proven to help in better understanding ideas and presenting them. What adds more credibility to the fact is that multinational companies, SMEs, and CEOs use mind mapping to move closer to their goals and visualize a pathway for their projects.  

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