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Digital content Publication in e-commerce Era – What to Post in 2021?

In 2021, marketing is getting tough. We know that small businesses are trying to invest more in digital tools because they see that pandemic may hit again and sales may go down for offline shops/companies. That’s why you should know the latest trends to save thousands of dollars. We will talk about the latest trends on how to gain popularity on YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms to sell your product/services.


“2021 is a time for creative ideas in the fashion segment. This is about new collections: here goods cannot lie on the shelf for a long time. It is more difficult to buy them though because the thing must sit down, the color must match, the size must fit. Therefore, online stores need to revise their approaches to visualizing products on the site: detailed descriptions, size recommendations, good photo, and video content, convenient terms of return, and payment. And, of course, brand values. Some e-Commerce stores are stepping into TikTok to reach the younger target market. These stores buy TikTok likes to boost their engagement rate with the Gen Z audience.

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There has been a revolution in the grocery delivery segment. Dark stores were opened , logistics reached the delivery level in 20 minutes, many new players and a fresh audience appeared. All this will develop and transform in 2021. 

In 2021, children born in the 21st century will enter the adult world. This means that you need to pay attention to how they consume content, how they generate it, and what values ​​are important to them. Customer development is an amazing business. But the new generation is great at generating quality content on their own. This can and should be used.

Nostalgic content

Nostalgic content is another trend that marketers are predicting to boom in 2021. Remind you of something good that came before and that is sure to return soon. And get a good response. 

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The number of socially conscious consumers is increasing . To draw people’s attention to a product or service, touch on important topics: gender and racial equality, ecology, mental health, and equity. No, this is not a call to stir up holivars, but on the contrary: people attach importance to such topics, are ready to discuss them and buy from those who build marketing around a higher goal and mission.

Well, there will also be familiar trends in the format of stories in social networks, storytelling, the development of a personal brand of bloggers, relevant hashtags (and those that are not used often), video content. By the way, about the last point. TikTok finally convinced everyone that users use the format of short videos with particular pleasure. Even Instagram launched Reels, a service that lets you shoot and post 15-second videos. However, the option is not yet available for Russia. 

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And one more thing. Globalization is globalization, and the boundaries of each person’s personal world are narrowing, including because of the pandemic. People are more likely to choose local cafes and shops so as not to take risks again, not to use public transport, leaving for the center or a neighboring area. The importance of local SEO is growing – you need to pay attention to optimizing user queries for a specific geo . Work with Google My Business and Yandex Directory – register and constantly update information, create local pages on the site.

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