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Effective Ways of Relieving Painful Gum in an Effortless Manner

Swollen gum is a sign of a severe oral condition. If you are suffering from this issue, never fear visiting the dentist. These individuals with a background in medical science and experience working in this field can help you treat painful gums. Remember that at-home remedies will work to an extent. However, some conditions can take a severe turn, so treating sore gums with the help of a dentist becomes essential. 

Cold and warm compresses can make you feel better

Applying a cold compression on the gums may help you relieve pain quickly. It is a simple and beneficial way of reducing discomfort and inflammation. You can either go for a cold or hot compress according to your requirement. For a hot compress, you have to heat water but ensure that you do not boil it. The water must be lukewarm so you can tolerate it. Get a clean cloth, soak the same in water, and squeeze off excess water. Following this, you must place it on the face just above the area of gum pain. When it comes to a cold compress, you must use an ice pack, wrap it in a clean cloth, and apply it the way you did with a hot compress. You may go for an alteration of these compressors till the swelling and pain go down. 


Salt water rinse is a good option

If you go to your dentist for the first time, the first thing they will recommend you is to take a saltwater rinse. A salt-water rinse is a viable home remedy that helps relieve painful gums. The salt in water prevents bacterial growth and helps reduce swelling and pain. Ensure you do not swallow the salt water and rinse your mouth with this solution at least twice daily. 

Hydrogen peroxide

To reduce inflammation and soothe pain, you may use hydrogen peroxide. It is an effective agent, which kills bacteria and fights different oral problems. You may mix an equal proportion of hydrogen peroxide and water and swish the solution inside your mouth for at least twenty seconds. Spit out the solution and rinse the mouth with warm water. 


Use Tea bags

Tea bags are an effective way of soothing painful gums because they have anti-inflammatory properties. Soak tea bags in boiling water as if you are making tea. Let the tea bags cool down, and then apply the same in the affected area. 

Try Dental visits

When you see that the home remedies are not working out and over-the-counter pills are not giving you relief, it’s time to visit the dentist. Remember that these individuals of Dublin Dental Care can help you understand the underlying cause of the problem by going for a detailed diagnosis. 

To improve your oral health, you must follow your dentist’s instructions. After evaluating your oral condition, they will work on your treatment plan to help you relieve the inflammation. You only have to follow their instructions to get healthy teeth and gums. 

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