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Guidelines for Essay Writers

Creating an essay is an art, the mystery of which has been comprehended over the years. However, no one says you can’t learn how to write good papers faster. There are many ways to craft a good essay. However, you must follow some rules and regulations to stand out from the crowd. Here are guidelines for essay writers that are extremely important in the academic community.

Choose a Narrow Topic

In most cases, your professor will not mind giving you the freedom to choose. That is why you should pick a narrow topic as quickly as possible. This strategy is simple: you don’t want to spend a few days researching dozens of sources. Instead, a narrow topic is an opportunity to focus on one issue, problem, or phenomenon. That is why determine your research area and pick an idea that will become a springboard for your writing activities.

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Create a Strong Thesis

Your thesis is the basis for further paragraphs and a “guiding star” that will give you ideas for a further writing activity. Form one solid proposal that will show the vector of your research. Take your time and check how other students have accomplished a similar mission. As a rule, good examples clarify what a solid thesis should look like. Once you master this task, everything will become much easier. In addition, there are quite a few thesis generators, which is especially important for first-year students.

Complete an Outline

Now it’s time for your outline, which is the basis for the rest of the paragraphs. Make a logically structured framework with a clear division into different aspects you will write about in your paper. You should also write a few sentences for each item so you don’t forget important things. Check the samples, and you will understand what aspects should be touched on first.

Find Credible Sources

Your research should always be based on credible sources, as this is the number one academic rule. Therefore, look for articles, research papers, books, and official blogs you can trust. You will have to describe some problem, phenomenon, research, or phenomenon, and a reliable source is critical. That is why part of the preparation for writing activities should begin with finding sources.


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Write a Draft

Once all the preparatory steps are behind you, you can start crafting your paper. First, divide the entire future text into three parts, introduction, body, and conclusion. Here are the key points you should consider in the above sections.


The intro part is one of the most important, so you can start crafting it at the last moment. Here you should present your main idea, which will become a guiding star for further research. In addition, you will need to create a catchy introductory proposal that will serve as a hook to get the professor’s attention. Take your time and choose the right words.

Body Part

And here is the most basic part of your paper where you will have to open your topic, offering arguments or giving examples. Try to use one idea, question, or statement per paragraph, so your paper does not turn into chaotic facts. Also, you should not forget clear transitions to glue paragraphs together with a logical thread.



Your final paragraph should be a mix of your findings, ideas, and advice – state what you found and why it is important to the academic community. Sometimes you can even add ideas that can be used for further academic work. But do not rewrite all the nuances you revealed in the previous paragraphs. Don’t forget that brevity is the soul of wit, so say no to long lines and repetition of the same ideas.


Editing and proofreading are the two options that should be crucial for you. The point is that your draft needs to be polished to look solid. Read each sentence and rewrite the vague wording. Even typos can affect your grades, so be careful. You should even let someone else read your paper. A third-party person will certainly see any inaccuracies due to impartiality.

Final Words

As you can see, there are quite a few ideas and nuances that you should remember for crafting an essay. Try to analyze your topic carefully and follow all the above instructions. Take your time and analyze each sentence to craft the perfect essay.

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