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How Can a Diabetic Live a Better Life? Let’s Look at the Facts

Diabetes affects the lives of millions. The primary reason that so many people in the developed world suffer from diabetes is because of the abundance of sugary snacks and junk food. In many places, it’s actually cheaper to buy junk food than it is fruit and vegetables. However, continuing to eat an unhealthy diet (or leading an unhealthy lifestyle) after being diagnosed with diabetes is a very bad idea.

If you suffer from diabetes, then there are some very simple ways of improving your quality of life. This post will tell you about them.

Diabetic Socks

People who suffer from diabetes sometimes go on to experience complications like neuropathy, which is when a person’s limbs become numb or tingly. If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, then it is a good idea to invest in a pair of neuropathy socks. By reading the guide covering America’s #1 diabetic socks, these socks can reduce your risk of cuts and infections, in addition to improving blood circulation in your feet, and restoring feeling. Wearing these socks can make your life much easier.

Eat Healthily

If you take anything away from this list, then make sure that it’s a healthy diet. Eating well can make managing and live with diabetes significantly easier. In fact, it is actually possible for people suffering from type-two diabetes to cure themselves of the condition by living a healthy lifestyle. You can bring your blood sugar levels back to normal if you completely cut junk food and sugar out of your diet. If you have type-one diabetes (which is incurable and can only be managed) you can make your life significantly easier by eating well. Unhealthy foods will cause your blood sugar to spike, which can cause serious complications.


Be Active

An active lifestyle is also fundamental if you want to live a better life with diabetes. Not only does a stagnant lifestyle make the symptoms of diabetes a lot harder to live with, but it also increases your chances of dying young. Various studies have shown that a stagnant lifestyle increases a person’s chances of early mortality. You should exercise every day. You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise, since brisk walking or even calisthenics at home can be sufficient. Make sure that you spend no more than five hours a day sitting down. If you work from home or use a computer to work, then invest in a stand-up desk.

Blood Sugar

You always need to monitor your blood sugar. The best way to do this is to invest in a blood sugar monitor. Some people with diabetes don’t buy their own blood sugar monitors and instead, use other people’s or go to their doctor’s office to check their blood sugar. You can buy a blood sugar monitor for next to nothing online. With that said, it’s a good idea to invest in one that’s high-quality and provides accurate readings. Some cheap monitors can be very inaccurate.

Take Medicine

You need to make sure that you take your medicine, even if you feel well. A lot of people with diabetes stop taking their medicine as soon as they begin feeling better, but this isn’t a good idea. If you are prescribed medicine to treat diabetes, then you need to continue taking it until you are told that it’s safe for you to stop. As mentioned previously, type-two diabetes, in some cases, can be cured. However, you won’t be able to cure yourself if you stop taking your medicine as soon as it makes you feel better. Continue to eat well, take your medicine, and live an active life. Your doctor will tell you when it’s safe to stop taking medicine.


Manage Stress

When you suffer from diabetes you need to learn to cope with stress. Stress can make the symptoms of diabetes a lot harder to handle. Managing stress is easier said than done. Some experts advise meditation. Meditation is an ancient form of stress relief, practiced for over two thousands year. Living a healthy lifestyle, exercising, taking your medicine, and getting emotional support from your loved ones and friends can be other ways of managing stress.

Emotional Support

Emotional support is important. Diabetes is a very hard condition to live with, especially if you have the more serious type-one variant. If you do not have any friends or relatives who can support you emotionally, then you should consider attending a diabetes support group. If joining a group doesn’t appeal to you then there are various forums that you can sign up for. A diabetes support forum will give you somewhere to vent your frustrations and also talk about your condition. Many of these forums also have chatrooms and mobile groups that users can join.


Regular Check-ups

You need to make sure that you attend all of your doctor’s appointments. People with diabetes have to see their doctors two or three times a month. If you have just been diagnosed, then you might need to go in once a week. Regular check-ups will give your doctor an opportunity to monitor your blood sugar and watch your symptoms. Additionally, you need to make sure that you go to all blood tests and hospital tests. Your doctor will likely send you for tests at the hospital in order to ascertain how advanced or severe your diabetes is. You should not under any circumstances miss these.

Friendship Circle

For a lot of people who suffer from diabetes, it is very difficult to not eat unhealthy food. A lot of people with the condition developed it because they ate unhealthy diets, to begin with. Make sure that when you are going out with your friends that you notify them of this (if it is true for you). Much in the same way that one’s friends wouldn’t drink alcohol in the presence of an alcoholic, your friends need to avoid extremely unhealthy, addictive, sugary foods when you are around.

Diabetics don’t have it easy. Diabetes can be very challenging to manage. If you have been diagnosed with the condition or a loved one has, this post’s guidance will make living your (or their) life significantly easier. Be active, eat well, and manage stress. If you do these things then you’ll be able to keep your diabetes in check.

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