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How to Get More People to Use Your Mobile App

So after a lot of hard work, trials, and approvals your app is finally launched in the App/Play Store. Congratulations on the good work! 

But now what, launching was never your end goal right? Your goal was to get more app downloads.  According to the latest stats, Android has 3.48 million apps and Apple Store has 2.22 million apps as of the first quarter of 2021.  You see, that’s the toughest part, the competition for reaching the target customers. 

To advertise your app and get Portugal people to install it, you need a groundbreaking promotional strategy.  

In an interactive session with the expert Victoria Oliveira, we discussed how to get users for your app. Here are the insights from the session: 

Strong App store optimization 

Make sure your app is easy to find. Google Play generates the largest worldwide app downloads and Apple Store holds 64% of consumer spending on apps so ensure that your app is optimized for both platforms. Here are some key points that will help you make your app optimized: 

  • Easy title – Ask yourself what the target customer of Portugal will type when looking for apps. Ensure that those keywords appear in the title.
  • Detailed description – The user should get an in-depth understanding of the app from the description. Keep it short, on point, and appealing.
  • Keywords – Add an optimal number of keywords in the description to drive your app to the top results. 
  • Good rating – The first thing any user sees is your rating, so make sure you keep it above 3.5- 4.0 and maintain that. 
  • Add videos and screenshots – This helps the user to understand the functioning of the app and influences more downloads. 
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Use smart marketing to promote your app

Find unique ways to advertise your app. Maybe sponsor a screening with your QR codes on display at a movie booking site or get more app downloads by giving incentives for the number of referrals. 

Take for example how Google Pay works, it offers cashback in exchange for referring the app to friends; the fee is small, but word-of-mouth marketing is very effective. 

Advertising in online casino platforms 

Online casinos are one of the top entertainment and gaming activities right now. To advertise your app on Portugal websites such as Melhores casinos online and in between games is a good marketing strategy to get more downloads. 

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The users in these online casinos and gambling platforms are very diverse therefore increasing the chances of your app advertisement catching someone’s eye. 

Go for social media, influencers, and bloggers

Approaching bloggers and famous influencers to review your app in their channels will increase your brand influence. A guest post on a blog or a spot on a recommendations list can be a powerful marketing tool in Portugal. Customers are more likely to search for your app from the content they have read or heard from their favorite blogger or influencer. 

Make an account on Instagram or Twitter, engage with your audience, take a Q&A session, ask for a review. Make your bio/ introduction unique to create an impression that will get the Portugal user to install your app.   

Interact with your users

User retention is more important rather than user acquisition. Form a small group of Portugal users who provide critical feedback on your app and keep the glitches away. Try doing direct conversations with the users. 

Set up a “Contact Us” team, this will make the user feel valued and they will refer your app to more people. Ask questions, pay attention to their criticisms, respond to user feedback, and offer assistance. This will help increase retention rates and persuade new Portuguese users to try out your app.

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Everybody loves some attention and personalized offers

About 80% of users want apps to provide them with more personalized content and offers. This will significantly increase in-app engagement and sales. If you’re using in-app purchases or personalized offers make them cheaper on specific days like birthday discounts or anniversary discounts. Notify your Portugal users via push notifications or your email newsletter.

Hold some partnership events or services

Is it possible for you to collaborate with another Portuguese app? Then go for it! Cross-promotion with an app that is not a competitor but is linked to your service and has a huge user base will help you interact with an established target audience. It will also show that you’re not just interested in gaining new users, but also in working together.

Summing up, there is just one thing to always keep in mind while promoting your app- the customers.  Your strategies, campaigns should revolve around what Portuguese customers want. Whatever method you use, test your content on small target audience groups, calculate your budget, and track your campaign’s success.

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