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How to Hire a .net Developer?

.NET is a software platform created by Microsoft in the 1990s for Microsoft Windows. It allows you to develop applications using multiple programming languages. Many resources, including Stack Overflow, for example, are based on this technology. So it’s no surprise that .NET developers are in high demand.

There are some tips for hiring .NET professionals on hiring.net developers.

The .NET platform and technologies are a large set of various tools that are related to each other. Such tools allow the developer to work using the C # programming language. The .NET platform is developed by Microsoft and is evolving to provide new opportunities for developers. Because of this, a good .NET developer has a large salary and is regarded by IT companies. This is one of the most demanded programmers in the field of information technology. So it is far from always possible to find a  competent specialist.

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What is .NET developer doing?

.NET developer is a programmer capable of creating all types of applications. These are websites, computer games, mobile software, etc. The .NET programmer use the Microsoft .NET Framework and many of its tools. And this platform is based on the C # language.

A good .NET developer is required by many IT companies. It is a valuable asset in any company because it is able to develop a sequence of commands that connect to applications, databases, and networks.

The requirements for such specialists largely depend on the direction of development. However, there are a number of general requirements that such a developer must meet:

  • Perfect knowledge of the C # programming language, as it is the main language in the .NET framework.
  • Understanding of basic structures, systems calculus, and basic algorithms. In other words, he must have basic programming skills.
  • Proficiency in object-oriented programming.
  • Knowledge of databases.
  • Ability to read and understand someone else’s code.
  • Basic skills in using Transact-SQL.
  • Good English. Dotnet developer should be able to read technical documentation in English. Proficiency in advanced English is an important advantage for such a specialist.
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Where .NET Developers Spend Their Free Time

In the field of technical recruitment, it is extremely important to understand on which online resources you can find a specialist of interest. Developers seeking to learn and share knowledge about .NET projects can be found in specialized forums.

Also check out the .NET community on Stack Overflow, with over 250,000 questions about .NET, searching among the users involved is a great idea.

It is necessary to use such resources carefully, do not forget that job search is far from the only purpose for which developers come to professional resources.

.NET is a complex technology, take the opportunity to learn more about it by asking questions of the most active members of our communities. In addition to improving your technical understanding, you show developers that you are interested in something other than closing a job.

.NET developer unique challenges

The peculiarity of the work of .NET developers is that they are engaged in non-standard projects on a daily basis. If you understand this feature and understand what tasks specialists face, it will be easier for you to attract their attention. The details are here https://fireart.studio/fintech-app-development-digital-banking/. Here is a list of some of the unique challenges for .NET developers:

  1. Writing scalable and reusable code. Since .NET supports multiple programming languages, experts write code that can be used in a variety of applications.
  2. Knowledge of the latest version of Visual Studio. The best .NET professionals are fluent in Visual Studio, as Windows sites and applications are developed using this product line.
  3. Application support and optimization. Despite the fact that some experts believe that applications based on .NET do not need front-end optimization, and user data should not be stored on .NET platforms, developers still focus on application optimization and database management.
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