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How to Minimize Injury, Prevent Danger, and Avoid Legal Hassles If You Meet With a Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle can be great fun, but things can get ugly if you meet with an accident. You need to be able to keep a cool head and not do anything that will exacerbate your injuries, create a hazard for other road users, and prevent legal complications. Some tips on what to do if you meet with a motorcycle accident:

Move Yourself to A Safe Place

If you meet with an accident, you may want to check on your bike and even move or recover broken parts. However, you must move to a safe place to avoid other road users crashing into you. If you can move, try to warn other road users of the hazard, but you should avoid trying to move the bike as you may be injured further. Moving the bike may also compromise vital evidence that you may require claiming compensation as per Washington state laws for motorcycles or defend yourself in a legal suit.

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Do Not Remove Your Biking Gear

Even if you think you are not injured seriously, it is a good idea not to take off your helmet, boots, and gloves, as it may aggravate injuries to the head, neck, and spine that you may not know of at that time. Try to rest in a safe position till the arrival of emergency services.

Call for Help

If you can, you should call emergency services or ask someone else to do so quickly. It can help to have a mobile app to notify emergency services or contacts that can share vital information like your location and medical information to the first responders. According to Motorcycle Legal Foundation, you must carry an ID on your person with important contact and medical information to assist emergency services if you are not in a position to inform them.


Assess the Situation and Gather Evidence

You must attempt to keep calm and assess the situation while waiting for emergency services. Try to take note of how the accident happened, the road conditions, the vehicle registration numbers, and the identity of the drivers involved. Take as many photos as possible of the accident site, your bike, and other vehicles involved, and anything else that may have contributed to the accident, like the road surface, weather, obstructions, etc., that may be helpful in your preferring an insurance claim. If there are any eyewitnesses, get their contact details.

Get Medically Assessed 

Even if you do not seem injured, you must visit a doctor for a medical checkup immediately after the accident. Not only will you get a better idea of your physical fitness, but also generate important documentation in the form of the doctor’s advice, diagnostic reports, etc., that will help establish the nature and extent of your injuries to support the insurance claim.



If you are not at fault, you can claim compensation from the insurance company of the person responsible. While you should cooperate with the police and the insurance companies, you must never admit fault. Regardless of whether you want to claim compensation or defend yourself in a lawsuit, you must hire an experienced and competent personal injury lawyer.

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