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How To Play Online Roulette in 10 Minutes or Less


Online casino players will always find online roulette games irresistible. The game offers a variety of betting options where the house has no chance to make any money. These bets are cleverly disguised as “evens only.” It gives the impression that you have an edge because you have an even chance of winning, but in reality, it’s just a trap waiting for people to fall into.

There is so much more to online casino players than what meets the eye, and it’s not even about wins or losses on individual bets – it’s all about your final net winnings after playing every round. It all comes down to how well acquainted you are with your online casino provider and how well you know their live roulette bonus terms and conditions (T&C).

Nowadays, most big online casino providers are not as stingy as they were in the past. Actually, they’re pretty generous these days. They will definitely offer you a relatively decent share of your winnings back if you play online roulette in a good way and at regular intervals. However, most of them still offer their players smaller percentages on your net winnings than those provided by some of the smaller online casinos that usually have lower minimum wagers.

In this post, we will discuss how you can play online roulette with these smaller online casinos. Before we get started, let me make it clear that I’m not suggesting that you play roulette at a lower stake than usual. I wouldn’t do this if I were you because it would be like playing the game on a level playing field with your regular local or online casino. However, if you’ve won even as little as $10 at some of those smaller online casinos, don’t forget to share your mean with them before leaving this web page. If you are interested in slots, there are a number of sites like goldenslot offering this as well.

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Online Roulette Variants

Online roulette variants are an online gambling activity involving the player spinning a virtual wheel with multiple numbers on it to win patterns and rewards. In each game, players have a chance of winning at various combinations either by turning over their winnings or by winning a progressive jackpot that grows with each spin.

Players are usually able to select from multiple variations of games with dozens in some cases and hundreds of variations depending on the country where they reside playing. The most common forms are European and American Roulette, which offer European-style bets as well as American-style options.

For American Roulette, the game is played by using one of the 6 ways to bet depending on which option they want to select. These 6 ways of playing American roulette are:

  1. The Pass Line,
  2. The Come Line,
  3. The Corner Bet,
  4. The Zero-person Bet
  5. The Even Decimal Point Betting.
  6. The Odd Decimal Point Betting.

These ways of playing American Roulette can be found in almost every online casino, from land-based casinos to online gambling industries and even for free virtual casinos. The most common variation of American Roulette is the pass line, which is the betting option that is offered by most gambling sites. Here, players can bet $20 for each spin. If this strategy wins in your favor, then you will win a bonus that goes up to $2000 if you are playing roulette online.

But this is not the only strategy that can be used in American roulette so let’s have a look at another way to play American roulette. You can make smart bets as long as you choose the right option.

In French roulette, there are two options to bet on. The first one is called “La Partage” which means that it is derived from the french word for sharing. This means that if a single number that has been spun matches the number of a multiple-number bet, the player will be given an even chance to split his or her winning number with other players by sharing the payment.

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The second one is called “la Banque”. This translates as “the bank”, but actually, it refers to the house edge being used in French roulette. Here, the house edge refers to how much money the casino takes in return for each bet. Thus, as long as you make a smart bet, you will be able to win more than what it cost you.

Evaluate the Odds of Winning Big in Less than 10 Minutes

Most players just play at odds of evens, looking to get the maximum money-back. In this manner, it may take years before they receive the initial payment of their winnings.

However, there are cases where it takes less than 10 minutes to get your first payout. The advantage that comes with a shorter time is that more players can achieve their desired amount. This is possible if they play the game as recommended by the casino and to suit their playstyle.

Strategies to Win more quickly

The casino recommends various betting strategies that can help you win more quickly. Here are some of these recommendations:

The Big Easy Strategy

This strategy requires players to bet on a single number and all 18 pockets. The strategy is very simple to execute. If you bet on a single number and that number wins, then you get your original money back. On the other hand, if you are betting on all 18 numbers in a game, if the number you’ve chosen isn’t among them, your original bet will be lost.

For casino players who want to win big while avoiding the chance of losing their bets, this is a great strategy. In truth, it’s the only best strategy for players that can put up a challenge to professionals.

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The ‘Don’t Bet Your Whole Bankroll’ Strategy

This is a strategy that requires players to bet on a single number and then limit the amount they bet on the other pockets. This means that you can only bet $10 each for all 18 pockets at Casino Rewards. If you bet more than $10, then you will be risking all your winnings. The optimum number is thus ten percent of your bankroll.

A few players may prefer to spread their bets in different pockets after having reached their desired income. However, the advantage of this strategy is that they can use a part of the winnings to maximize their odds of winning in the same game.

The Professional Strategy

This strategy is one of the most recommended strategies for those players who want to win big in less than 10 minutes. It takes advantage of the fact that the single-number bet and other bets have an even payout. This means that if you bet on a single number and it happens to come out, you will receive even odds of winning. Here, if you bet $10 on a number and win $30, it means that your odds are 3-to-1.

The difference between this strategy and The Big Easy Strategy is that the former only allows the player to bet $10 per game, while the latter will enable players to bet $20.

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Since online roulette is a game where you have an even chance of winning, it means that the house doesn’t really have an edge. You may be tempted just to put $20 in a game, but if you want to make the most out of your money, I would recommend betting $10 on all the pockets and using professional strategy to maximize your odds of winning.

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