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How to Send Bulk SMS And Measure the Success and ROI

A well-chosen marketing campaign will help you increase profits and create the right conditions for the development of your business. One of these methods is mass mailing. To understand how effectively your chosen SMS marketing strategy works, you need to measure the existing indicators.

One of them is click through rate. It refers to the ratio of customers following your link to the number of users who view your site. You will find out how many potential customers received and viewed your messages, went to the site and took targeted actions.

You will find out if your ad makes sense to increase your brand interest. A high click-through rate means that your target audience is interested in your business. BSG will help you create relevant messages and automate mass mailing.

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Analyze click-through-rate of your SMS campaign

The number of visits to your site will help you find out how valuable your message is to potential buyers. To do this, you need to include a link to your site or a specific page with goods in your SMS notification. Don’t forget about shortening links so that you can enter your text in a limited number of characters. To simplify your analysis, use automated text messages. For this purpose, you should:

  • load your database in small parts;
  • create several messages to send;
  • send different notifications to each group;
  • plan the time of sending.

If your marketing campaign is designed to promote an offline store, you can include a phone number for feedback in your notification text. To do this, contact your network operator. It will help you shorten your number, which is great for a short message.

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To increase interest, offer people to take part in your promotion or use a promotional code to get additional bonuses. Unlike a website where you need to enter a secret combination, you just need to show the code to a manager in a regular store.

A/B test your SMS marketing messages

To evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen strategy, you need to use A/B testing. You can form several versions of messages, and then send each of them to different groups of clients. Send bulk texting at a different time of the day to determine the most suitable time for sending.

A key feature of the company’s work on the Internet is the ability to process as many applications as possible. In some cases, overloads may occur or managers won’t be able to cope with such a number of incoming orders. To prevent this, it is enough to plan your mass mailings properly. You don’t have to send them to all clients at the same time. Divide your users into groups and send notifications throughout the day or several weeks.

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