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MOD SUN Lyrics – I’m Addicted To Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese

First of all I’m addicted to fuckin’
If I ain’t bustin’ a nut then I ain’t comin’ for nothing
I got a bitch that I like to call Benjamin Button
Because that pussy get smaller no matter how much I’m cutting
And it’s a, muhfucker if I’m up in the function
Cause every girl want me to smash em just like a pumpkin
And I ain’t sippin on lean but I am double cupping
Cause she got double D titties and that’s what I am touching
So I’m a bad bitch getter, a good weed hitter
My ex still talking about me, tell her I don’t miss her
I’m a big dick giver, live it in the liver
And when I pull it out I bet that bitch will shiver
Like brrr, god damn my ice cold
Workin so hard my new money getting old
I call it blue cheese cause that shit growing mold
I fucked her so good but made love to that soul
Dirty finger nails flipping through the big bands, crazy
Made 20K this week, I was lazy
Used to keep the weed and adopt it like a baby
I can’t help it if I’m your lady’s favie
I told my plug he owe me a hundred favies
Cause I bought him out last week in an all black Mercedes
I need a big old bag that’s gonna help me get fadie
And then I watch her bust it open like she doing Pilates
Or whatever you call it
My daddy told me always keep a glove in your wallet
I be wearing Rick O when I’m lounging
And other days it’s just a bunch of shit you ain’t pronouncing
I, roll up all black cap with no logo on it
Get that bitch, jump in like a pogo on it
Obvi Ivy League, trust me you don’t want it
R.I.P. get a tee, put yo photo on it
Lil bitch you heard me
You ain’t no fuckin rockstar, no ur nerdy
You sound like you’re reading out a fuckin dictionary
And I ain’t even gonna finish this flow bitch I’m in a hurry

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Blue Cheese Lyrics

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