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iOS vs Android

iOS vs Android Development Comparison

An amazing thing: about 75% of all mobile devices are controlled by the Android operating system. But many developers and publishers prefer to make applications and release games for iOS. It seems counterintuitive to make software for an operating system with a much smaller number of users around the world. But there are a number of reasons why iPhone and iPad application development is so popular and in demand. In common android or ios development is a popular question.

The niche of the iPhone and iPad is, of course, conditional if we compare only the relative shares of Android and iOS on a global scale. In absolute terms, the number of users of iOS smartphones and tablets around the world has long exceeded 500 million people.


As a rule, this argument alone is more than enough for a developer to start making applications for ios development services. The point is that iPhone and iPad apps monetize much better than Android apps. Historically, the iOS app audience has been a wealthier and more money-spent audience. For them, both in-app purchases and in-app purchases, as a rule, are not an unbearable or serious financial burden. For example, in the third quarter of 2018, the App Store collected $ 18.2 billion in revenue. It is three times more than the revenue collected for the same Play Store period.

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However, in some countries of Asia and APAC (Asia-Pacific), the economic situation is so favorable that users of Android smartphones. The tablets there are very willing to buy applications and make In-App purchases. Plus iOS devices in these territories are poorly distributed. Therefore, if the future application is aimed at the audience of these countries, you need to rely on Android users in comparison of android apps vs ios apps.


From the hardware point of view, development for iOS is easier than for android app development. Judge for yourself – all technical characteristics, including screen size, resolution, processor power, memory size and other specifications are known in advance. Now, to reach the majority of iOS device users, it is enough to optimize the application for iPhone and several iPad models. It’s if development for tablets is planned.

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Another thing is to make a universal application for Android devices. The free availability of this widely used operating system has spawned a huge number of devices of all sizes and technical specifications. And making an application that looks and functions equally well on hundreds. This is why iOS development is easier.

OS relevance

When developing an application, you should always keep in mind all OS versions on which the application should run smoothly and smoothly. If we talk about iPhone and iPad, then developing an application for iOS 12 and iOS 11 will allow it to run on 90% of devices. And if we also make support for iOS 10, then the application will launch on almost all Apple mobile devices in the world.

The situation is completely different with the Android operating system. A huge number of Android users use smartphones or tablets with the same OS version that they had at the time of purchase. Plus, the technical specifications of Android mobile devices released even today do not always meet the requirements of the latest version. As a result, there is a strong stratification of the market for the distribution of Android versions.

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The Android operating system was originally open source. This is the reason for the huge number of shells and applications that get root-rights. They can perform those operations that were not provided by the developers of the Android OS. These manipulations do not always pass without a trace. It is not at all a fact that an application that runs perfectly on the “vanilla” version of Android will just as clearly launch and work on the “modified” version. That is, for developers of applications for Android, there is another, additional risk factor for the non-launch or sudden stop of the application.


iOS apps are taken seriously as a symbol of quality. Due to serious moderation in the App Store, there is much less “trash” and low-quality applications.

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