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Jermain Defoe

Jermain Defoe – Top Scorer of the English Cup 2001/2002

The FA Cup is the oldest soccer tournament in the world, which has been held each year since 1872. All professional clubs of the country compete for it. By the way, 1xBet company covers all the confrontations in the world of this tournament in detail, which allows you to keep abreast of the latest results and make profitable bets.

In the 2001/2002 season, Jermain Defoe unexpectedly became the top scorer in this tournament. At the time the young forward’s star was just beginning to shine. Later, he will be brilliant at “Tottenham” and a number of other teams. At the same time, the forward played at “West Ham”. In that campaign, he managed to score 4 times in the opponents’ goal. Yes, it’s not so much, but this number of accurate shots was enough to win the scoring race. 

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Despite the effectiveness of his forward, “West Ham” did not play well that season. The team was eliminated as early as the 1/16 finals by “Chelsea”. Unfortunately, even Defoe’s scoring efforts did not allow the “Hammers” to qualify for the next stage of the competition. And it is easy to follow the team’s current matches on 1xBet. Here, you can follow their matches, not only in the Cup, but also in other tournaments. Now the schedule of confrontations is extremely tight, but no meeting will not pass you by.

What helped Defoe win the scoring race?

That season Defoe was unstoppable. The most important thing is that he wasn’t a star back then, so he wasn’t controlled as tightly as he should have been. As a result, the forward had a lot of space and time to make decisions. By the way, now you can use the 1xBet app in Android to play and to keep your hand on the pulse. 

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Among Defoe’s main trumps, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Excellent speed. Thanks to it, the striker could easily break away from any competitor, to reach the operational space for a shot. This was especially important taking into account the fact that “West Ham” often acted on the counterattack.
  2. Technique. The forward could sneak the ball past his opponents and get into the operational space for a shot. As a result, he struck “shots” from the most favorable positions.
  3. The team’s style of play. Jermain was a central figure in the offense. Partners regularly created a lot of chances for him. All in all, the forward had all the conditions to demonstrate his skills.
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Although the team did not win the trophy, the Englishman proved himself to be an excellent scorer. In the future, he has repeatedly confirmed this status.

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