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Fat Boys Lyrics – ool Rock Ski

The Place To Be

One-two, one-two, I’m the MC-dominating Kool Rock Ski
And I’m known to be the prince of rap, the Prince Markie Dee
Finesse and skill and you know he’s able
Cutting up the beat on the two turntables
From his left hand, his right, and back to the left
[?] ’cause it sounds so def
He’s strong as a bull and I’m hard as a rock
I’m the Prince Markie Dee and he’s the DJ Doc
With Kool Rock on the side, always on the go
So c’mon Kool Rock, let’s start the show!

Well I’m Kool Rock Ski, I live in Brooklyn
Love catching girls when their guys ain’t looking
Too hot to handle, too cold to squeeze
Guaranteed to please all the jazzy ladies
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
Don’t wear silver boy, I do wear gold!
I’ll be rappin’ on the mic takin’ complete control
So Markie Dee, ha ha, my throat is weak
Why don’t you get on the mic and let me hear you speak

A full year on the list, reachin’ for the top
And if you let me keep rockin’, I rock nonstop
‘Cause I’m pushing the pound, and claiming to be
The best mo’ sucker on the M-I-C
Five foot eight, Pisces is my sign
And to keep a party jumpin’ I’ll persist to rhyme
The PMD, I be known as a layer
With a mic and rhyme I’ll be tight as a slayer
I’m shakin’ and breakin’ like a ragin’ beast
‘Cause I’m the Puerto Rican prince and I live in the East
Bust that y’all (that y’all), bust this y’all (this y’all)
When I find my revolver, I never miss
Kool Rock (What up?)
My throat is weak
Homeboy, get on the mic and let me hear you speak

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Well I’m the MC killer, the MC thriller
And when it comes to rappin’ I’m the cool-chiller
I chill out the [?] when it’s time to learn
Kool Rock on the mic, I never get burned
But any MC in the place to be
I’m the microphone magician and the chief of the East
I’m just too hot to handle well it’s time to see
That Kool Rock, is the chief of the East
Take that y’all (that y’all), this y’all (this y’all)
And [?] I’ll never admit
Prince Markie Dee ha! (that’s me!)
My throat is gettin’ sore (c’mon!)
Why don’t you get on the mic and use your rhymes galore

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Now this is the story, I’ma tell it as I can
About Peter Parker known as Spiderman
So from building to building and from tree to tree
And sometimes mingle with the young ladies
He could stick to the wall like a piece of Scotch tape
Couldn’t use the door, used the fire escape
Now Spidey was chillin’, on the loose one night
Just looking for a freak with his super sight
Heard a sound, or two, three or it was it four?
Then two big dudes ran out the door
[?], goddamn they mad
One had the gold, the other [?] in hand
Spidey put up a suit, they shot one twice
But Spidey was on ’em like white on rice
Spidey trap went off, bust his butt
Took the gold right back with a hero’s grunt
Gettin’ ready to leave, found a gun to his head
Was the dude with the gun that Spidey said
The dude pulled the trigger, but nothing came out
Because the gun was empty he began to shout
Spidey beat ’em down, gave the girl back her gold
He looked at her, she didn’t look so old
Everything went smoothly, and very good
And Spidey’s still swinging in your neighborhood
So DJ [?]
DJ Doc, get on the mic and rock the whole block!

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Well you come to the East, you got to be mad
Because the get-down Doc do it all damn night
You could bring your homeboy, your whole damn crew
Don’t make no sense ’cause I ain’t you
It’s a ladies choice, the master voice
Don’t even need no bad Rolls-Royce
Just let me get a 98
With a super freak then I’ll be straight
When I freak the party you won’t go home
Homeboys and girls in the Twilight Zone
You just rock it in a pocket like it’s out of style
I came to do for a little while
So come on, little child, if you wanna dance
And I can show you Smurf [?]
So come on, babydoll, this ain’t no thing
Just get on the floor, shake your sexy thing
Yes yes y’all, yes yes y’all (yes y’all)
‘Cause the beat is so, so fresh y’all (fresh y’all)
Human Beatbox, Kool Rock Ski, Prince Markie Dee, uh huh!

The Capital K!
Dedicated to the [?]

K-B, is in the place to be!
Kurt, Kurt, Kurtis Blow now!
Hey Kurt, ha ha
Hey Kurt, bust this!

Hit me, hit me, uh!

The Place To Be Lyrics

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