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Lil’ Jay Lyrics – Lil Jay


TookaVille, I rep the shit
Sneak Dissing meet the ex of it
Say fuck Tooka you meet the clip
Yo mans die, you still ain’t on shit
Respect, yeah I earned the shit
Disease gun leave you burning shit
Burn niggas like I burn blank discs
King Lil Jay for president
Nigga dissing on me, that’s death row
And you know I keep the strap like Velcro
No Taco Bell, but I keep the shells though
JMoney got called on death row
You a singer, or a rapper
I’m a real nigga, I’ll clap ya
Catch Lil Durk, put him in the dirt
Feed the boys clip, and my mans said he a actor
Me I got shot
But you know that ain’t stop
Me from getting this guap
Any send ebt every sending shots
Do a hit on 064, now the block hot
Free Wee Wee C, balla 50 shot
.223, it’ll make a nigga diddy bop
Team no lacking so you know I gotta keep a shot
Do a hit up in traffic
Stretch a nigga out like elastic
Make ya guys disappear like magic
Get money, kill a opp, that’s a passion
You a lame nigga, you ain’t wit it
You paranoid, just admit it
R.I.P. To my competition
I’m taking over my city
Niggas mad cause they know it’s my time
Like madden so I can’t get signed
Put money on my head, they tryin
So hard but I’m still on my grind
Nigga said my name for no reason
My flow hard like cement
It’s a cold world, nigga you anemic
You GDK, but ya daddy was a region
These for the niggas that don’t know
I be throwing bullets, Tony Romo
Pull up in a 4 door with a 4-0
Make ya body go up and down like a yo-yo
If he one, to the game I don’t see
Any nigga in the streets that’s hot as me
Got a deal now, so you getting money
I remember them days when you was bummy
Dirty nigga, skinny pants, and Mohawk
Semi auto with a stove, take ya nose off
Sipping Act til a young nigga doze off
All you niggas catching bullets like Randy Moss
Got my choppa in the car like Rick Ross
I’ll crucify a nigga, nail him to the cross
I don’t see the competition, eyes on the boss
Hollow tips make ya jump like Kriss-Kross
These niggas got me fucked up, why the wasting my time
Say they gone kill me, say they in the streets, I swear to God they lying
When I see em, them niggas dying, it’s get rich or die trying
Thirty shots all in my nine, shoot NumbaNine bout nine times

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