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Martinez Twins Lyrics – Martinez Twins

Fake Friends

[Chad Tepper:]
Martinez Twins
Julian Martel
Chad Tepper
Don’t do it

[Martinez Twins:]
Martinators for the win
Let’s go
Chase chase chase
Man that’s all you do
Man that’s all you do
Tagging Instagram, Martinez Twins
For the simple goal of getting more views
And to my fake friends
Tryna steal the Martinators
You still ain’t adding numbers
Broken calculator
Were you super mad
When Jake bought us a plane ticket?
We were supposed to be a team
We just wanted to kick it
Now you salty…
Cause we making moves
And we run the net
Like you used to do
All the cameras flash
When we in the room
Martinez Twins
Who the fuck are you?

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[Chad Tepper:]
Right now the world is full of hate
And insecurity
All I wanna talk about
Is love and unity
Respecting everybody
Even if you shit on me
Because I know deep down inside
You’re just the same as me
We all want happiness
We all just want respect
So put a fist up in the air
If you can get with that

[Ivan Martinez:]
En Espana por tres semanas
Nunca me contestavas
Nunca llamavas
Volvi a casa
Welcome to LA
Tus intenciones son
Falsas como IG baes
[English translation:
In Spain for 3 weeks
Never answered to me
Never called me
Now I’m back home
Welcome to LA
Your intentions are fake
Like IG babes]

[Emilio Martinez:]
But I still love you…

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[Julian Martel:]
I am
I am
Never waiting
Freed myself
Every day
Like I won’t make it
To the sunset…
Liberated (don’t come for me)
Liberated baby.

Fake Friends Lyrics

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