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Juicy J Lyrics – Murked

You Can Get Murked

Don’t let the liquor get you killed, I put some hallows in your shirt nigga
You can get murked nigga, you can get murked nigga
You know I keep the thang on me and let them bullets burst nigga
You can get murked nigga, You can get murked nigga
You ol’ false flagging fuck boys gone end up in a hearse nigga
You can get murked nigga, You can get murked nigga
With your brains blowed out face down in some dirt nigga
You can get murked nigga, You can get murked nigga

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[Verse 1:]
Niggas wanna see me fall
But I got the bigger balls
Thought you knew I’m from the north
I ain’t scared of none of y’all
Lot of niggas came and gone
So that’s why I keep the chrome
Couple of goons is ready to die
Keep the doves up in yo home
Every time you see me smoking the fi-fire
Eyes so red I’m stain so hi-high
Looking like an asian dude from ti-ti
OG Kush in my system oh my my
Niggas always hating on me
Cuz they thing I’m selling D
All these hoes be paying me
Why you niggas [?]
Looking for a handout, I ain’t throwing no grams out
If I see yo baby mamma, I’ma pull my pants down
Old school Chevy so clean the pa-paint
Fuck nigga wanna be me you ca-can’t
Niggas straight high on beams you can’t think
But I keep a strap in my lap [?]


[Verse 2:]
I bet you wanna grab yo shit, cock it back and make a hit
Let them know that you ain’t soft, let them know that you legit
But you ain’t got the nuts, you ain’t ever sold hits
But you won’t force to think, you so hard you a bitch
I’ve been waiting on watching you just get your hands on
Hope you stay home, maybe I can get my spray on
But its over niggas know you soft like sofas
You a fake nigga [?]
Why you a lie, Why you a lie
Why you a lie, Why you a lie
I’ma take you to a river, put a gun between yo eyes
Let you beg for yo life, so fuck nigga don’t you cry
You gonna treat me with respect til the day you fucking die

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You Can Get Murked Lyrics

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