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Dax Lyrics – NextRap

The Next Rap God

Good evening
Over the course of the next 10 minutes I will submit my application for the next Rap God
Enjoy the festivities
My name is Dax

Listen when I rap boy this shit poetical
I break rules I have never been ethical
Need condoms niggas all on my genitals
I’m the best get it straight like a heterosexual to the decimal
Similar but never identical
I rap different boy my shit isn’t legible
But credible flexible intuitive and never forgettable if you slept on me that’s very regrettable
Fuck is the rhetoric?
Raps like pussy I will never go celibate
Raps like pussy when I touch it I’m delicate
So in tune with the elements
Big dick bars ye that is a pre-requisite
No OG has ever given inheritance to my relevance
10000 hours has qualified me for arrogance equivalent to white boys shooting up schools
And Americans not calling them terrorists
So I flippantly willingly blasted myself to infinity
With vivid like imagery causing the people instantly pass out
Don’t be alarmed I’m blowing her back out
Don’t need a producer to gimme her track-outs
Files backed up because I do not back down
Hit her with the dickety dickery flickety flickery cock with the splickity splash and she’ll pass out
Melodically and sonically the best and I ironically was choir boy MVP you can’t tempt me
I used to get head by the pews during father franks hour long homilies
Then honestly look up in sky and give god an apology
Then look down at her face diabolically and uh
All over her faceology
Fuck it I’m making up words
Better then rhyming in slurs
Similes metaphor verbs
Rap God shit did it ever it ever occur
Dax blew quick then quickest you’ve ever done heard
In it for a minute but I’m lyrically very matured
In it definitive won’t stop I’m never deterred never differ yes
I deserve niggas better fucking better refer to me as the next Rap God
Ye is rap hard
Run a whole best like a track star
Run a whole track like it’s NASCAR
Stay low-key like it’s Asgard
Been eating bars but not your typical wrapper
I’m up next you’re not on or after
You are a intro I am a chapter
You are a rookie I am a master
You are the question I am the answer
You are the pitcher I am the batter
You are the joke and I am the laughter
You move slow while I’m moving faster
You are baby can’t hold yo badder
You mumble like go go go gaga
You are baby you need a pamper
You kill rap motherfucker you cancer
I kill you motherfucker put hands up
Hands up
Get ya bands up
Niggas sell they fucking soul just to get they fans up
Had to sit nigga down just so I cud stand up
Had to put a man down before I could man up
Lil Tecca 2 Glocks you’ll turn to a dancer
No fakes running round or coming around us
We been hot ain’t nobody found us
We on you cannot drown us
I’m the Rap God
The definitive image with minimal slippage
I’m treating ever beat like a scrimmage
Will never be timid I start it then you know I’ma finish
I’m crazy I’m ‘a check into clinical clinical with cynical illness
I’m starting this is just the beginning ’cause every minute I’m growing
I cud never diminish I lose and replenish at speeds
That defy all of the physics my head has been spinning
I’m breaking records call me up Guinness
The sickest soon to be biggest
Just like a lama when I’m rapping ’cause you know
I be spitting a Rap God it’s hereditary not a condition fuck your opinion
What you gotta say I love criticism from fucking critics
Once I really get to rapping I really hear fucking crickets
Ever since I started rapping I’m getting green like it’s spinach
Liquor got me floating just like it’s quittage
Voldemort wasn’t even this wicked
Listen people I got tricks up my sleeve every nigga wants this
But what niggas want niggas don’t need
They tried to cut me off it did not work nor hurt cause when I cut I don’t bleed
They tried to put us in the ground
But they didn’t know we were seeds I’ve been through things
You can’t believe everything I speak I will achieve
I am a different breed of rapper
Known to blast ya
Overflowed with good vernacular
Beat the game computer hacker
Took the stairs then used a ladder
Screws fell out then used a hammer
Used the hammer to advance a whole career they can’t abuse or even tamper
Even scatter even shatter even after I am gone in the rafters
My top 5 consists of the top guys me me me me me and me as the top guy
I do not connect with you niggas like Wi-Fi
You fake what rhymes sci-fi
I’m about to murder this beat like a
Drive-by 10 minute rap leave nothing in the archive
You niggas rap but really only part time
I’m about to separate myself like a apartheid
I’m built to last I’m built to kill I will not stop I cannot stop
I never will they call me trash I hear their words I cannot feel
I’m full anger pop a pill a metaphor for numbing pain with skillful skill
I love the thrill the rush the chill I love the hate pre-requisite to being great you hear my words
I hope fucking resonates
I got a rigorous regimen
When I’m spitting it’s venomous
If you’re looking for evidence
You can read it in genesis
Me Jesus had messages
So I guess that I’m relevant
I wrote 5 of the chapters and finished off exodus
You rappers are feminine
You rappers have estrogen
Me killings a definite
I’m in it my element
Ain’t no comparison
Rap game mine I’m a resident
Should be the president
Reaping eating all of the benefits aren’t really that great
Most people I meet are plastic fake
This industries crazy I’m going crazy I’ve felt that way since I moved to LA
These bitches don’t work but wanna get paid
I’m a Rap God bitch come and get saved
Got so much money in the bank I’ll pay you’re rent and still not wanna get laid
You can hop on my wave but not on my boat
You can be on my team but not on my court
You can sit on that seat but not on my throne
You can be on my feed but not in my post
You niggas been sleep Dax always been woke
You niggas been sprite Dax always been coke
You break like threads I hold like rope
You do not move till I say go GO
Now let me explain my Rap God qualities
I give that in very large quantities
What you do believe what is your hypotheses? I don’t care I say that modestly
If I had metaphor for what I have in store for four years of all quality
I would climb four floors all on my four fours step forth full force and finish this prophecy
I’m no Samaritan
You can’t deport me like Donald Trump tried to do all of the Mexicans
I’ll skip a bar
Then come back because I’m no perfectionist
Who are you better than not me
Fuck nigga you can check my discography
A nigga rapping like a nigga hit the lottery
3 years blew up I’m a prodigy
No indecision with my written’s my flow or my fucking vision
My style is really forbidden forgiven out of position
Everybody wanna rap nobody really committed wanna be MJ
Not willing play pippen stay driven you kidding niggas
Always gotta copy and fit in my mission is to motivate youth
It doesn’t pay well but that’s what real Rap Gods have to do
So you wanna be a Rap God?
You can’t worry about what they say they’re lost misguided sheep
Who hate themselves more than you anyway
So you wanna be a god?
Stop worrying about everyone else get on your grind
It’s not their fault it’s yours go get that shit yourself
You want to be a Rap God than rap with gods like me
Snap hard and fuck up all these beats
Rap hard redo reuse repeat
Go to school hoop and work and pass on sleep
Be independent not codependent on labels with money engines
And drop a new banger like ever 2 damn weeks
Stay down real nigga like ten toes deep
From the ground to yo head and back to feet
It’s very competitive niggas repetitive I kill it consecutive dipping and dodging the negatives
I’m sipping adrenaline niggas they fake they edited I need to get credited hate it and love
They’re sensitive I’ll never be sensitive your opinions irrelevant it does me no benefit
Or add to percentages I’ll never be hesitant my success and estimate
It’s evident I rap and I can
Sing melodically and still get technical you’re technically skeptical I’ll skeptically
Let you know your insecurities are highly
Like the NBA I’m professional
My rhymes they bend they’re flexible
So perfect so symmetrical
10 minutes long extendable
What other rapper doing it like this I’m righteous
Rap booming I can’t fly now because I’m flight risk
Put my dick inside the game it’s to big it’s a tight fit
Never made a bad song they don’t come out of my lips
Got the game by the neck won’t let I got tight grip
I flip my flows like I’m doing gymnastics aerobatics all over the place
I’m spastic disappear re-appear my bars are like magic elastic sucking you dry
You need cactus
In my prime bugging you niggas no mantis my drip got drip they drip like Atlantic
Take a swim I’m John I can be your baptist my bitch got ass
I do her like taxes bust twice paint her face like she was canvas
Your bitch fakes orgasms she is actress born March no wonder I’m bringing the madness
God dammit I’m fucking amazing I don’t look left or right when I’m racing I’m not complacent
I chose this life it’s mine no trading stock rising just like it’s baking
Fuck you pigs not talking bacon paraphrasing ones
Who kill because they’re racist Rosa Parking at your station guns a blazing leave your balls
Just like they raisins Martin Luther King yo ass then queen yo
Freddie Jason mercurize your nation leave you in a tub of man and Harriet the hairiest to train
And slave you like enslavement speak the real and lose engagement triple k than frosted flake
I’m the greasiest milk and shake it dirty monkey bathe an ape
Then leave he world in shock amazement
How long can a Rap God rap if a Rap Gods Rap God wrapped in a Rap Gods rap
And if the Rap God snaps can the Rap God rap
If the Rap Gods wrap is broken cracked infact this Rap Gods rapidly wrapping so fast he can’t relax
My bars are futuristic intrinsic
So no they can’t go back
So what they gonna say dawg
I did this in one take dawg
Ain’t even take me whole day dawg
Flowing like Nate Dog
Concentration fuck it I’m feeling just like Adolf
Blow a nigga face off
Don’t see you niggas Ray Charles
Smh emoji the face palm
Didn’t even take take long
Fuck a whole album I just rapped one in one take and it’s just a song
Impeccable you niggas are copies identicals
If you suck dick just to get signed no turned back your bisexual
You make me sick no medical I should inject you with poisonous chemicals
No you can borrow my testicles are you dumb are you a vegetable
Am I a Rap God now
Do you agree
How long I gotta rap for the respect I need
Playing all damn spots on this god team
Taking game winning shots from the god damn three
Am I a Rap God now?
I am whether you like it not
Yo words ain’t shit
Don’t talk just rap me out out rap me out my spot
Who wants it it’s all subjective
Rap God is mindset I selected
I crowned myself despite rejection
Then tatted my stomach with living legend
My confidence is so effective
It makes your hate run turn defective
I seek no humans weak acceptance
A wolf doesn’t lose no sleep over no sheep
I workout 7 days that’s one week, I can’t be weak
If I don’t eat then no one eats, why because I’m the one who feeds
What am I Adam Sandler Mr Deeds
I don’t favors shuck geez unless there’s Gs involved
There’s fees involved, e-mail my team I’ll get resolved

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By the way I wrote this I don’t do no karaoke when I rap
I’m whole in one you’re barely hitting double bogey caught a fade on this shit
I’m shooting like Kobe I’m Drake on this beat I deserve a fucking trophy
You probably didn’t notice shout-out lil mosey
Eminem my best friend and he doesn’t even know me
I fuck with NF we’d probably be homies, don’t sneeze my blessings aren’t actually holy
I spit no hoagie more punches than lines of cocaine from a Hollywood bougiefied phony
I rap no subway you rap at subway your fans are used to your bologne
I’m caking Steve Aoki can’t stop me you’re not a goalie
Say you’re better then me don’t comment at me nigga show me, you’re favorite numbers 6 9
Why ’cause if you say you’re better you’re just trolling I strike no bowling
I cannot swim my but because of my diamonds
I’m still soaking you’re in denial just like a vape that shits a trick bitch you’re still smoking
Put you niggas in order like alphabetical your so hysterical count your blessings like you’re numerical
That’s theoretical you sweet your diabetical I should get rid of like the garbage man
I’m taking out the garbage man your garbage man not my dawg
Then why you barking man can’t match my drive you parking man
So get back in the motherfucking garbage can
My lungs infested, rap game I ingested
Rap greats in syringe I just injected
I’m infected, fucking all my brains connections
Need help, I’m epileptic
East, West, North, South – fuck it all directions
Switch it, flip it, whip it, it’s unexpected
Fuck the beat while I molest and wrap its neck just like a necklace
I should be fucking arrested
You can not beat me, do not try try try try
Hit you like like Backstreet Boys it’s bye bye bye bye
Is that a bird I am fly fly fly fly fly
Rap against me you might die die die die
Niggas complaining you just cry cry cry cry
Look up at God and I say why why why why
Niggas be running they just hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide hide
If this doesn’t prove I’m a Rap God I don’t know what will
10 minute song I’m crazy, I don’t got no chill
I wrote this in 10 minutes, sober, no pills
I used to rap for fun, now rapping pays my bills, uh
I-I-I’m the best in the league
Up next I won’t precede
Fucking up everything, won’t accept defeat
Fucking up money just like it’s Mac and cheese
Stack my cheese
Feel like a plumber the way I pipe it
I beat up the pussy just like I fight it
Go black on the pussy just like the night shift

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Man cut it cut it cut it bro
How long is this shit?
This went for 10 minutes, geez
Bro you’re lying bro, put that on goose bro
I put that on ease man

The Next Rap God Lyrics

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