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Lil Durk Lyrics – No Auto Durk Lyrics

No Auto Durk

A nigga talking bout mf can’t use no tune
Like mf ain’t in these streets
On Lil Moe grave these niggas is straight hoes (on God)
Niggas know what’s up with us man
Talking bout we don’t be out here, nigga you got us fucked up boy
Man I get shit done boy
You tweakin, yo ass trippin

Niggas call me Bloodas just like Tee out here (let’s get it)
Opps be calling foenem phone, say I don’t be out here (L’s)
Catch him, knock his noodles back, just don’t tweak out here
Foenem slidin, late night huntin, ain’t no sleep out here
2 days back to back, that’s 50 racks to be out here (on God)
Can’t have no fefe on yo block as long as Steve out here
Can’t try to slide inside a fish bowl, you got beef out here
Law keep wantin’ to get Zoo out the way, they say he a Chief out here (say he a chief out here)
Niggas hoes, they tuck they tails cause they be scared
In that Hellcat, on the e-way, off them med’s
Say his name inside this song, my bro said I better not say it
Niggas lowkey want that smoke, you do, you better not say it
Get yo ass back in that house, we got FN not 9’s (not 9’s)
My credit so A1 with killas, I be paying my fines (my fines)
Opps be on my dick in song but I don’t pay them no mind (pussy)
All them hoes that be with the opps, gang nem broke they spine
All the crackers get robbed for they shit, they buy it back
I keep my Glock in her Chanel, that shit cost 5 racks
All these hoes be goin’ for real lowkey, just buy them X
He got shot up in his shit, I hear he tryna flex
Never care so much, ran out of woods, just pass the Dutch
Your homies died, you don’t never slide, it ain’t adding up
Get caught with a pipe, you out same night, you fed or what?
New opp pack in the air, this gas or what?
He’d still be alive right now, if you niggas ain’t gas him up
Give my shortys steamers and guns, I tell them slide for none
Everybody with this gang-gang shit so they ain’t dying for none
If she ain’t fuckin the first night, off the rip, I ain’t buying her none
If I ain’t got time for loving my kids, then I ain’t got time for none
Then I slide home to my bitch, that means no time for cuddle
Why these niggas think they safe cause they locked in?
Man we thought this shit was over, send some shots then
You think you safe where you at out West? Lil nigga just bopped in
I know some killas from out West, they keep them Glock 10s
Knowing they killa on the loose, it throw my vibe off
You lighting candles on that main street, watch that sad block
You ever stood up over a opp and knocked his dreads off? (I did)
You know a nigga claim he a hate us but he fanned out (let’s get it)
Back then I pull up to them clubs, them killas was sitting in the steamers
How the fuck he say he ain’t tell, but the court steady throwing that nigga subpoenas
Fuck Lil Durk, he ain’t on shit, his ass a singer (what else?)
Fuck Lil Durk, his ass a goofy, he not Lamron either (what else?)
Fuck Lil Durk, he talked to 6ix9ine live about his people (what else?)
Niggas always say they out here, we don’t never see them (they lie)
But if we do, we pop out cars, and we gone no I.D them
Lowkey I know they hurt, they hurt so bad, they don’t IG it
Jumped off the porch back then, when X was stacks, and smoking mid
69th and Ashland, used to stay right there right by the field
Loco he stayed next door on Bishop, he was selling mid
18 for exotic, in Chiraq sell it 36
I’m not tryna die young out here like I’m Rowdy Rich
We get that low-low, then foenem go sit outside yo crib

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No Auto Durk Lyrics

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