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Player Behaviour

It is possible to beat the one-armed bandit if you approach the game session correctly. First, it is advisable to allocate a specific budget, based on which the user will bet and vary the game strategy. Then, bankroll allows you to quickly orient yourself well or poorly in the game and, in a series of unsuccessful spins – to stop the game. Learn how to play safely with Online casino YOJU Canada.

It is recommended to set the minimum and maximum threshold of the game budget so as not to succumb to the gambling desire “next time – just lucky”. Thus, the user is more likely to beat the one-armed bandit, leaving with a sum greater or equal to that he began.

In addition, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the theoretical percentage of refunds to the player and the dispersion of the machine. The payout rate is usually freely available and is denoted by a ratio of 80 and higher. It means with what probability a part of the money invested in betting will come back as winnings.

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Dispersion is the ratio of payout odds to the frequency of combinations. This parameter is rarely disclosed and is rather challenging to determine “by eye”. The essence of the term is that in some one-armed bandits payout ratio is low, but the prize chains fall out frequently. About these machines, they say – the dispersion is low. In contrast, they stand one-armed bandits in which the payout ratio is very high, but the winning combinations fall out very rarely. This value consists of several parameters, which, as noted, are not disclosed by the manufacturers.

However, you should assess how big the spread between the cheap and expensive characters is before you sit down to play a one-armed bandit without registration.

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Myths and misconceptions

The great popularity of one-armed bandits inland and virtual casinos has led some players to spread knowingly false or unverified facts. For example, some users believe that there is a way to beat the machine if you bet a certain amount or spin the reels strictly limited times.

Start such myths from a lack of understanding of the principle of one-armed bandits. The characters that appear on the reels and the definition of bonus multipliers, if they are in the game, in advance known to no one. A random number generator produces them. The only thing that adjusts the frequency of symbols is the reel spacing. As a rule, the producers of single-armed bandits do not disclose such information, and it is impossible to say with certainty that it is.

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By saying “you can not beat the one-armed bandit”, people often mean that there is no way to get more than you put in legally. Although in reality, it is not quite so. It is necessary to build a gameplay tactic properly, set the boundaries of the personal budget and comply with them, and do not forget that sometimes there is a losing streak. The player needs to stop at the right time and then be a winner.

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