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Quadeca Lyrics – Rip Bozo

Rip Bozo

Now that I’m rich, communist women wanna eat me (Aah!)
Shoutout Karl Marx, your small charts don’t complete me, uh (Ooh)
I said I made my mark, see it from a higher place
You said that you made your mark, it must’ve been dry-erase
You said that you made a spark, my shit like a fireplace (Uh)
Fuck that! Cali native- I’m like my entire state (Uh)
Ooh, and I’m wide awake
They all want me dead when they hear me like it’s “A Quiet Place” (Shh, aah!)
So many legs in the game, I’m a fuckin’ octopus
From the mountains of Caucasus
After this verse, your next album gonna be posthumous
Likin’ me is a more common trait for white girls than watchin’ the fuckin’ Office is (Ooh)
Uh, never took the overnight route (Uh)
Went from open mics to shows with lights and overhyped crowds, uh
Yeah, and your career is over right now
Ain’t it funny how the tweets aren’t loadin’ right now?
Uh-huh, tryna find somethin’ to discredit me
More conspiracies than NLE Choppa on LSD
So let it be, you ain’t gon’ find one reason why
Even if you see it all, fuck a all-seein’ eye (Aah!)

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[Lou From Paradise:]
Yeah, ayy
Even if you seen it all, fuck a all-seein’ eye (Yeah)
I done seen ’em all, fuck me over, or at least they tried (Aah!)
Just ’cause your mans’ lyrics hot, boy, don’t mean they fire
Seen these dudes lose they backbone like they don’t need a spine (Yeah, yeah)
Before twenty, did acid like I don’t need a mind
They tried to aim for my heart, but I never needed mine
In one line, I take life and I redefine
Used to need a sign, now fuck labels; I don’t need to sign
Ev’ry verse is like a AK clap
These mo’fuckers switch up more than Ray J’s hat (Goddamn!)
Gettin’ dome, still never home, e’ry day, that’s facts
On a bad day, made 10K, spent 8 at Saks, yeah
Like, fuck bread, I’ma make that back
‘Cause where I’m from, your shit boom and they gon’ spray that trap
So tell these rap dudes, they got like three, four more subliminals
‘Til I say, “Fuck an interview”, show up while you at dinner, dude

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Rip Bozo Lyrics

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