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SAFe Training: Which SAFe Certification Should You Take?

People often ask what SAFe certification they should take. They are always confused about whether they should take the SAFe agilest training, SAFe SSM, SAFe SPMPO, or any other certification.

Well, every Scrum Master certification is a leading SAFe certification, but you still have to make a decision. Right?

Well, this article is here to help you make that decision. But before that, we will understand what a SAFe certification is and why it is essential for companies.

What Exactly Is A Safe Certification?

The Professional SAFe Certification Program establishes a system for evaluating the SAFe mindset, knowledge, and skills that are accurate, effective, and consistent. Certified SAFe experts are recognized around the world for their abilities to help businesses transition into Lean-Agile enterprises.

SAFe: Why Is It So Essential For Organizations?

SAFe is commonly thought of as a mechanism to scale Agile, normally Scrum. However, there’s a lot more to it. As for anyone who has spent more than 20 years in the area of corporate restructuring and organizational change, I can assure you that before SAFe, every agile transition culminated in hybrids.

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It’s because Scrum, the agile methodology used throughout the “Agile” implementations, was and continues to be developed by small teams operating on small tasks in small organizations. Anything that was implemented to achieve Scrum work for the business was implemented in a non-Agile manner.

Did members of the agile movement collaborate on designing “Agile” ways to integrate Scrum and other systems into organizations? The response was yes. However, most companies were modifying programs on the fly to force them to work together.

Unfortunately, several businesses have seen poor performance from their in-house Agile implementations and have reverted to non-Agile practices. It was disappointing because it ruined Agile, costing many businesses a lot of money with no return.

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The main explanation for loss or failure to produce effective ROI, according to independent firms, was that organizations used novice tools to incorporate Agile. However, another aspect was the lack of a well-defined mechanism to guide them through the transition.

SAFe is obviously a way towards scaling agile systems like Scrum. However, it is so much more. It is a collection of supporting mechanisms that enable agile processes to function in a broader business setting.

SAFe as a framework is crucial to consider because it provides organizations with the linking mechanisms they need due to the predefined standards. It is one of the main reasons that integrating SAFe must be at the top of every organization’s Agile to-do list.

Which SAFe Certification You Should Take?

Finally, let’s deal with the issue of “which SAFe qualification do I require.” The below are the two main approaches to answering the question:

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1. For Product Owners:

SPMPO will be the best certification for you. It teaches what a Product Owner has to know in order to help the organization.

2. For Development Teams:

The SAFe SP certification is needed to comprehend the software team members’ roles in a large-scale business setting.

3. For Scrum Master:

The SAFe agilest training will be the best choice for a Scrum Master.

The Bottom Line

A leading SAFe certification has been planned and evaluated to be the best match for each position. Anyone interested in SAFe development would be better prepared if they take a SAFe lesson. However, if the individual takes a class that really is relevant to the task they will play, they will be much more prepared.

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