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Lloyd Banks Lyrics – Shine Thru

Shine Thru

Yeah! One, two! Onem two!
Allow me to show you how I do… (how I do!)
Shouts to Jamiaca – guy I brew (whattup?)
My nigga HP! – He not like you! (naah!)
Man fuck your problems, I got mine 2 (uh-huh!)
Black cloud out – but I shine thru!
Pro’bly been thru what you been thru times 2
Lil’ ass niggas can’t fit my shoe! (ugh!)
Miss Lloyd had a very big heart
It leaked into everyone I knew from the start
I had a good life – she played a big part
She was my light! – Now everything’s dark
Man! I loved that woman more than I loved living
Never care what she got she was too busy giving
She told me: “Be strong! ” But I cried like a boy
It’ll never be the same – an unfilled void. (uh!)
Praying for the clouds – planning on the sour! (sour!)
Can’t think straight I’m rolling every hour
Garauntee an honor – money and the power
Be a real nigga taught that as a todler
Diamond Impala my Chevy on a slant (yeah!)
Kinda like my eyes – I’m heavy on the plant! (uh!)
D’s on a hater – parelles on a tramp (yeah!)
Man of the town you can tell he got a stamp
Trust nobody! – Blame it on the gene
The DNA data – and the cop killa Queens
Rocks for the fiends – on the on the blocks full of dreams
All day scrambling and hot full of screams!

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You know how it goew
I wanna give a rest in peace to my grandma!
Man I love you baby!
R.I.P. to my paps too man!
R.I.P. to my aunt Lenards!
I know you seein’ me!
R.I.P. to HP!
Q Boy!
My nigga Star!
Jah whattup nigga?
My nigga Cheese
Rest In Peace to my cousin Jay, man!
And e’ybody you love
Shit will go on though!
Full speed ahead
SouthSiiiide! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!

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Shine Thru Lyrics

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