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Iphone 12

Should You Buy an iPhone 12?

Apple has a very predictive schedule for its product release. New iPhone generations usually arrive around September. As that time draws close, should you buy an iPhone 12 and skip on the next generation that will land soon?

To answer the question we need to understand the lifecycle of how smartphones are made and how well they perform over time. This should tell you if it is worth it to skip a generation or not.

How Apple Makes Their Phones

Apple, like any other smartphone giant, requires around 12 months to design and assemble a generation of phones. When they announced the iPhone 12, they already started working on the iPhone 13. This happens because of how long it takes to design the platform and source all the parts and components. In simple words, hardware gets to be renewed each year but as most will note, the upgrade in performance is anything but substantial. Improvements are marginal, battery life is about the same, and for the average person, even the iPhone X takes amazing photos.

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Is It a Good Smartphone?

Even if the iPhone 12 is midway through its lifespan in terms of the time between when it was released and when it will be replaced by the next generation of phones, it is still a decent smartphone. Its hardware makes it a very capable device with top-of-the-line cameras, a great battery, an amazing display, and modern features.

The iPhone 12, like the previous generation and the one before that, are smartphones that still perform well. If you would get a previous generation you will notice that it runs smoothly with no stuttering, all applications work correctly, the display is still gorgeous and the cameras are great. What this should make you realize is that if you get an iPhone 12 now, it will still be a great smartphone two years from now. The hardware will not get outdated to such a degree to make the phone run sluggish or render it unusable.

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What you should be aware of is battery life. The battery in a smartphone will lose performance faster than the device itself. If you are getting a new iPhone 12, the battery should be fine for at least a year. Depending on how you charge it and how intense you use the phone, the battery can last for 2 years or more. Also, if the battery starts to fail, it can be replaced.

Should You Buy an Iphone 12?

We come back to the original question regarding today’s value of the iPhone 12. It comes with great hardware and it is the current generation of iPhones. Even after Apple releases the next one, the iPhone 12 will remain a great device to own. It will take the same great pictures and offer the same user experience as before. If you love the Apple ecosystem and own an iPhone that is at least two generations old, the iPhone 12 is a firm buy. If you own an Android phone and want to switch to Apple, again, the iPhone 12 is worth spending money on.

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