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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Migration Lawyer

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Perth is a place  in Australia with many opportunities, and because of this, it attracts many people willing to relocate for tourism, work, and education. The migration process has become more complex than previously. There are many migration agents online, but some are not registered or legally authorized. You rest assured of a hassle-free migration process by using the services of a registered migration agent in Perth. Migration agents help with various visa types and citizenship to Australia. They handle potential migration cases differently because they vary from person to person and the situation for relocation. Let us delve into the benefits of working with registered migration lawyers.

Communication with authorities

Being new to Perth, you may not clearly understand the complex rules. Migration lawyers understand the laws in Australia. They represent you in all legal matters about your relocation process, from handling the paperwork and act as a link between you and migration authorities. Migration agents make the migration process seamless and maintain a professional legal stance on your application.

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Assist with rules and regulation interpretation

When you are new to a place, rules and regulations may be confusing. The same happens with Australia that has some of the most complex laws in the world. There are severe repercussions for not obeying, something you would not want to experience as a migrant. Australia is a country divided into several territories, some with unique regulations applicable under a particular jurisdiction. Migration lawyers will advise you on the specific laws in the area you want to relocate. Migration rules change constantly, and the migration agents are always the first to know.

Migration agents help you understand these complex regulations and make your transition to a new environment comfortable.

Advice on the correct visa category

There are various visa categories available in Australia. The common visas include business visas, family visas, work visas, and visitor visas that you may not clearly distinguish. Many people seeking relocation to Australia may end up choosing the wrong visa category. The complex guidelines specified under each category are confusing. Migration lawyers help you select the right program for your relocation depending on the case, increasing the visa approval process. Seek the services from registered migration lawyers who are passionate about the welfare of immigrants to Australia.

Advise on the suitable residence type

Many people think you can move to your desired location in Australia and look for an apartment or a house. It is not easy as it sounds because there are laws relating to residency in your preferred destination. Migration lawyers advise on the best residence to suit your needs based on your financial ability and family situation. It gives peace of mind as you move to the new location.

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Handle the required documentation

The relocation process to Australia requires various documents. You may miss your dream opportunity if you present documentation in the wrong format. Migration agents will help you with the correct documentation and in the required style by migration authorities. Note that some documents may require translation from your native language and be certified to ascertain authenticity. Some of the documentation that migration authorities may ask for your relocation process includes;

  • English language proficiency
  • Educational certificates
  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Work experience certificates
  • Proof of settlements funds like your bank statements
  • Travel documents like your passport

Time and efficiency

Migration lawyers are knowledgeable in their area, and they promise you timely and efficient handling of your relocation case. It gives you peace of mind because you know your case will not take ages to go through. They can access migration authorities and deliver within the agreed timelines. It is tedious to access migration authorities from your country, something solved by the agents.

Saving on migration process cost

You can negotiate the legal fees with your migration lawyer based on your case and financial ability. They also save your Department of Immigration application fees that can be high as thousands of dollars. Migration lawyers prevent ramifications like a ban on visa approvals and refusal to re-lodge your application if migration rules change.

Professional and competent lawyers will check your application thoroughly before lodging to avoid simple mistakes that may jeopardize your immigration in the future.

Advice on a backup plan

The migration policies change so quickly, and it is good that you consider all relevant options rather than deciding on one migration strategy. At most times, you will not have the information on the various possible options should your first option not go through. Migration lawyers will identify the best one for your case and list other options suited to your situation. They help you keep the options open as possible in case your first choice does not go through. A dedicated migration lawyer will guide you through all the ups and downs of the migration process and improve the successful outcome.

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Dealing with migration authorities is difficult

With an increase in migration cases filled, it has become difficult to access the department of immigration. Most of the communication is electronic, and getting them on the phone is difficult. Visa processing is no longer assigned a dedicated case manager but processed by teams, making it impossible to discuss unique cases. A migration lawyer will help to ensure that your case is well documented and minimize instances of further information requests from the department. The lawyers can escalate your migration case to management if there are delays in visa processing.

Confidence and a higher chance of success

Using migration lawyers reduces your stress levels in a migration process application. Because you know you have placed the application at the hands of professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced. Migration agents in Australia are industry-regulated and monitored for quality of immigration assistance and integrity of their conduct. Migration lawyers maintain a library of up-to-date migration knowledge and are of good character.

The decision to use a migration lawyer increases your application process success when compared to doing it yourself

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