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Top Software Development Trends for 2021

With the rise in popularity of online business, website development, and application development, there is a shift in software industry trends. Disruptive technologies and new software development tools improve the functionality and security of software. With COVID-19, the need for businesses and organizations to carry out operations with efficiency and effectiveness has increased, so cutting-edge technologies are used in software deployment. Latest software development trends include big data outsourcing.

Integration of RPA robots in software development

Automation thrives alongside innovation in all sectors around the world. With limited staff to keep going, the BFSI and the health sector have automated redundant documentation to apply human skills to important and urgent tasks. With a robust system, RPA implementation will accelerate software development in 2021.

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Big data analytics in software development

Businesses and organizations in the industry are using big data to gain insight and understand trends in the coming year. Big data analytics is driving the development of software development this year. And given the complexity of this area, more and more company leaders are turning to outsource teams for custom software development.

Integrating AI into software development

Artificial intelligence is recognized as one of the main technological innovations in the industry. With the proliferation of AI, AI-integrated software will improve businesses. This will be especially useful for web portals or online stores to analyze customer behavior.

Blockchain integration

Blockchain continues to gain traction across all sectors. Called a digital ledger, it delivers transparency. Incorporating blockchain into software development processes will help prevent fraud and establish advanced security features during a business transaction.

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Integration of the Internet of Things into software development

The use of the Internet of Things will move from the creation of devices integrated with sensors to the implementation of the Internet of Things in software development. By integrating IoT sensors into the software development process, engineers can use their programming skills seamlessly.

The rise of in-house application development

With growing demand among software companies, they will become one of the fastest growing trends in software development in 2021:

1. Native apps support branded devices.

2. Native software improves user experience.

3. Native development improves the flawless performance of your application across multiple sectors.

Improving Continuous Integration of Software Development

This allows you to shorten the delivery cycle, make bug fixes frequent and efficient, and provide flexibility in your software development process.

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Software development should be cloud oriented

With the norm of remote working, cloud computing has outperformed its users compared to last year. It is widely used in various sectors. In the near future, software development will be more cloud-based, and all data in the software development process will be stored in the cloud.

Moving to DevSecOps

Undoubtedly DevOps simplifies the software development process. However, in the future, in addition to managing software operations, the development team will also conduct security testing without any assistance from a security expert.

Cross-platform and hybrid development

This new trend will help reflect a revolution in the software development process in the coming year. As the name suggests, the software will be developed in a hybrid way, so the coding process on mobile platforms will be a trade-off between functionality and time to market.

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