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Water Storage Ideas: The Top 5 Water Containers to Buy For Your Home

Natural resources are finite. It means that there will come a time when you will have difficulty accessing them. One good example of a limited resource is water. You likely know that it is extremely important for everyone’s survival. It assists in regulating body temperature, digestion, and blood circulation. Without water intake for a day will lead to dehydration. After days of not drinking it will possibly result in death. 

When natural disasters occur, a shortage of water might happen. It is also during this time that you will need to access clean drinking water. That is why equipping yourself with a water storage container is critical for your survival. Most people underestimate its purpose until their water supply becomes depleted. In this article, you will learn about its necessary features, as well as, the best water storage containers to invest in. 

Features of a water storage container you must look for

A water storage container must store water for the long run. It plays an important role in ensuring that you have potable water every day, especially during emergencies. Spending money on water storage containers is no joke. So what you have to do is to make sure that the one you are eyeing to buy has the right features. Below is a list of characteristics of an ideal water storage container that you should look for.


Made out of durable and non-toxic materials

The need to purchase a water storage container happens once or twice in a lifetime. Buying multiple times a year is unusual. It is a telling sign that you fail to buy the best container available in the market. It is the storage that has durable and non-toxic materials. While food-plastic water containers are gaining popularity nowadays for their durability, lightweight, and affordable price, it is still best to buy BPA-free plastic. 

You are well aware that you are going to drink the stored water. Hence, you must ensure that the material used to manufacture the product will not contaminate the water with toxins. In this way, you would know that it is safe to store potable water. 

Capable of storing large amounts of water

For sure, you live with your other family members who will most likely consume water stored from the container. You should also think of them when choosing the right size. Since most people’s water consumption is high, the best water storage container is the one that can hold large quantities of water. You don’t know how long an emergency or a disaster will last, so you have to equip yourself with more than enough water.

Easy to seal water container

Properly sealing a water storage container is important to make it free from contamination. You wouldn’t want to end up drinking water with leaves or dead ants, right? It is not enough that you can seal the container the right way. What if the other family members can’t do it without you? For sure, you would have to run back home just to close it. To avoid this inconvenience, you must take into consideration the closing system of the container. Make sure that it incorporates an easy way of sealing it so that everyone can do it on their own.


Top 5 Best Water Containers to buy in 2021

iSpring T32M Pre-pressurized Water Storage Tank

People do not have the same privileges of having a large space in their homes. If you are one of them, you probably have a small available space to place your water storage container. The iSpring T32M is a tiny container that is an ultimate space saver. It has a capacity of 3, 2 gallons large enough to store a considerable amount of water.

The product is one of the most sought after because of its metal body with a high level of resistance to rust. Even though it uses a metallic material, the water won’t have any aftertaste.

15 Gallon Emergency Water Storage Barrel

This water container is food grade, meaning the FDA approved its release in the market because it qualifies the safety standards. It has a dark blue color that can keep the sun rays out to prevent bacteria from growing in the container. Its size can hold 15 gallons of water. It will give you peace of mind that you have enough water supply during emergencies.

You will not have to worry about any leakage even after using it for a few years. It features gasket caps that prevent leakage from happening. The product is also movable and equipped with a comfortable carrying handle.

Sure Water 260 Gallon Emergency Water Tank

If you are looking for a much bigger water storage container than the products mentioned earlier, then this one’s for you. Its extremely large size can store water for a long time. You will not need to refill it over and over again. 


This Sure Water Tank can hold up to 260 gallons of water. Even though it is capable of storing impressively large quantities of water, its dimensions are not too large. It has a slim and tall body that can fit most standard-sized doors. 

RomoTech Vertical Polyethylene Reservoir

This reservoir can accommodate up to 550 gallons of water. It is more than enough to last for an extended amount of time. From its exterior design, one can easily infer that the manufacturer used durable and sturdy materials making it heavy. For this reason, the reservoir is difficult to move from one place to another. 

Romotech Reservoir is easy to store and clean water because of its large-cap and drain. You can also check the water level through its molded graduation marks. 

Saratoga Farm 5-Gallon Stackables

These saratoga stackables can store 5 gallons of water. It is lightweight which you can bring during boating, camping, and road trips. There is also a built-in handle that you can use for ease of transport. The manufacturer used food-grade plastic and non-toxic materials to ensure that they will not contaminate the stored water. It will also last for a long time. 

In a Nutshell

A water storage container is a must-have for every household. You wouldn’t know when water shortage will happen so it is best to make necessary preparations as early as today. Save your life and the lives of your family members during emergencies by purchasing the best water storage container now!

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