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What You Need To Know & Prepare Before Relocating Pets to Singapore

Since Singapore is a designated rabies-free country, traveling with pets to Singapore is a bit complicated because the rules are stricter, and so are the compliance norms as compared to the US.  Pets entering Singapore must complete a quarantine period between 10 and 30 days depending on the country category from where the pet comes.   Check your country category to know about the requirements to fulfill for taking your pet to Singapore.  You must know the kind of health certificate needed for the pet and other paperwork to complete for making the pet ready to travel to prepare well to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for your pet.

There are some veterinary requirements and import requirements related to pets entering Singapore. The pet moving company you entrust with the job should take you through the process without any difficulty. To know more, log on to https://www.petrelocation.sg.

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Veterinary requirements

Meeting the vaccine and blood test requirements as stipulated by Singaporean laws is mandatory when traveling with your pet to Singapore. For dogs and cats entering Singapore, the animals must have completed two rabies vaccines, have a microchip, undergone rabies titer tests, external and internal parasite treatments, and an FVRCP vaccine for cats and a distemper vaccine for dogs.  

Pet Quarantine

Since pets must stay in quarantine upon entering Singapore, you must book a slot for your pet much ahead of the date of travel to ensure that the Quarantine station accepts and accommodates the pet when it arrives. Since spots fill up quickly, you can book space for your pet even 6 months ahead. The summer holidays and winter holidays are the most crowded times, and if you are traveling during these times, the quicker you act better it is. The amount of space you book and the duration of stay determine the cost of the reservation, and you can make changes to the dates by paying the extra fees that range between US $12 and $65.

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Obtain an import permit

Soon upon confirmation of the quarantine space, you can apply for an import permit as well as a dog license number. Usually, the pet moving service provider arranges for the license on your behalf. However, domestic cats are exempted from the purview of licensing. Import permits have a validity of 30 days from the date of issue and need endorsement by the USDA if you are traveling from the USA.

Crate training

The last-mentioned method is best for pet travel, and it is the only option if your pet is on a different flight than yours. Despite being a rabies-free country, Singapore allows pets to travel with its owners as in-cabin baggage or checked baggage and even manifest cargo. Buy a travel crate early to allow the pet to familiarize with it, and it might require some crate training to ease the process of familiarization. It will reduce the stress on your pet on the day of travel.

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For the total cost of moving pets that includes the charges to the pet moving company, ask for a breakdown of costs to understand the various heads of fees.

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