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Why NetSuite is the Best Choice for Small Businesses

Many small business owners use a range of software programs when getting their venture off the ground. However, over time, they find they need one solution that brings a range of applications together under one umbrella. Doing so saves money while ensuring the organization receives consistent, timely data. This remains critical for any company wishing to remain competitive today. 

The Drawback of Legacy Systems

Companies relying on outdated technologies find they struggle with inefficient operations, waste time that can be spent on other tasks, and cannot keep up with competitors. In addition, outdated systems increase costs while interfering with growth. Any business can grow quickly with the right technology in place. For this reason, every business should look into investing in an ERP.

Business owners often discover they have outgrown their software and need to look at the options. However, they must know what to look for in a software program. For example, if you’re considering NetSuite, you must know what benefits come with using this program. 

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The Benefits of Using NetSuite

NetSuite allows businesses to react to market trends and scale accordingly. This program enables companies to run customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and e-commerce programs in the cloud. Business owners find they have more visibility and insight into overall operations, which means they can streamline the business and lower their costs. What benefits will businesses see with the use of this program?

Data security improves with the use of this program. It is easier to secure the data because it is in one central location. The program operates in the cloud, where providers store it on multiple remote servers. The redundancies ensure the data is available when needed. Furthermore, only authorized users can view and edit the data, as the business owner controls who has permission to see specific data. 

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Business owners find they can scale their ERP with the help of this program. Some companies grow horizontally and find they need to add more users to their subscriptions. Other organizations, however, grow vertically and require additional modules. NetSuite allows companies to grow as needed and can even help when a company goes international. 

Additional Benefits of Using NetSuite

Companies must comply with state, federal, and international regulations. With the help of this program, businesses find they can track compliance with customizable reporting tools. They can also make adjustments as needed. When a company is audited, the information is readily available. In addition, certain programs support specific financial standards, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. When choosing a program, the company must ensure the program updates regularly to reflect changing standards. 

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Users find they can customize NetSuite to meet their specific needs. The program benefits different industries and verticals, but it goes further than this. A developer can create a SuiteApp using developer tools provided by the company. This ensures the program meets the unique requirements of a business and special features can be incorporated. 

Every business, regardless of its size, benefits from the NetSuite ERP program. This fully integrated system provides customer relationship management, eCommerce, warehouse management, inventory management, and more. Tens of thousands of companies across the globe currently use this platform with outstanding success. Users love the real-time dashboard personalized for their organization and the ability to customize the software. Learn more today to see if this program is right for your needs. 

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