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Your Guide To Cleaning Hardwood Floors


Daily use and accidental spills can make hardwood floors difficult to manage after a period of time. If you are fed up with having to clean up the mess all the time, here are some of the best machines to clean your hardwood floor. Of course, prevention is better than cure — the ideal method to maintain hardwood floors begins with steps that can protect flooring and cut down on cleaning time. Lay floor coverings either in or out of entrances to reduce bringing in dirt from outside and from within. Set up a designated area for winter shoes to avoid water damage and place products there that help to remove ice from your gears. Keep a microfiber towel or compact handkerchief stowed away near the door, including a spot to rest and a storage area for shoes so that you can wipe up pools of water on your hardwood floors.

Even if there isn’t a chance of rain, it is a good idea to take off your shoes before entering the home to minimize spreading filth, mud, and bacteria around. Scratching shoes and spikes should really be kept at the door, especially if you live with hardwood floors. Use floor covers under chairs and place carpet padding in recreational areas to prevent your hardwood floors from scratches caused by children playing it rough on the floor. Follow these ideas for cleansing wood floors in addition to all of these daily recommended practices to maintain your home’s carpeting in great shape.


Keeping It Part Of Your Routine

Cleansing hardwood floors with a brush or dirt mop on a routine basis is the most effective means of keeping your floors clean. The number of times in which you must perform this task is determined by how often your hardwood floor gets dirty. Dusting wooden floors with something like a mop that has already been prepared with a cleaning chemical to pick up debris (that could potentially damage the surface of the floor) for a quick cleaning session. Mop heads made of microfibre are an option for the ideal mop for hardwood floors. Dust and filth are trapped by this substance. When using polishes for wooden floors or cleaning sprays, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer as certain mops will not need extra cleaning products.

Going In-Depth With Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Precautionary measures and consistent cleaning are the recommended ways to ensure that your hardwood floors are clean, but occasionally a more thorough cleaning session is needed to make sure that your floor is spick and spiffy. Filth and debris accumulate over extended periods of time and so are not entirely removed by regular dusting.

Use a mop specially designed to clean wooden floors as well as a cleaning agent designed for wooden floors (that is diluted as per the recommendations on the label) to be able to do a thorough cleaning of your hardwood floors (a pro tip would be to do clean in the springtime and one more time before the holiday season). Soak your sponge in a bucket of liquid, then squeeze it just about dry so it’s slightly damp. Then, you can proceed with mopping the floor, keeping in mind to not leave any excess moisture on the ground.


Excess moisture can degrade wood floors, so wipe up any excess liquid right away. If it’s hot outside, turn on a fan or turn on the air conditioning system to quicken the drying time. Sometimes, cleaning the wooden floors isn’t doing much for your floor, you may need to restore them with some varnish so that they look brand new.

Ideal Detergents For Your Hardwood Floor

Consult your flooring designer if you’re unclear about which hardwood floor detergent best suits your home flooring. It could be that they frequently suggest a special cleanser for their product. Nonetheless, if your flooring isn’t brand new or you don’t have connections to the hardwood floor manufacturer, make sure that you choose a product designed specifically for cleaning wooden floors. If you use other variations or sorts of wooden floor detergents, you will risk damaging your wood floors instead of really cleaning them. If you’re worried about using harsh chemicals, check the ingredient list to make sure that there are no harsh chemicals and products in your detergent that could potentially damage your hardwood floor or even be toxic for your family and pets. Otherwise, go the natural route and make your own floor cleaning solution.

What To Do About Stains

Before attempting to get rid of stains from wooden floors, consider the finish of your flooring. Your floor most likely has a hardened finished layer, such as urethane, if you notice that the stain is on the surface. Conversely, a good indicator that your floor has a softened finished look is to notice whether the finish discoloration has seeped into your wooden floor, which is rather typical in older homes with floors that have not been restored and re-polished. Clean superficial stains with a gentle, clean cloth on hard-surface flooring. Abrasive papers or products which could cause abrasion and damage to your floor should never be used since they will irreversibly ruin the surface.


Cleaning Your Floor With Vinegar

Making use of vinegar, a common kitchen product, is also another great way to cleanse wooden floors organically. Knowing how to cleanse wooden floors using vinegar can help you save some cash and make sure that your hardwood floor is clean, without damaging it. You can add a moderate amount of white vinegar to a large amount of room temperature water to make a solution to clean with. To prevent water damage, adhere to the instructions for cleaning wooden floors with a mop. Afterward, you can use the rest of the vinegar to clean the rest of your house!


In summary, cleaning hardwood floors should not be too difficult if you keep this list of instructions and tips to help you along. It may appear daunting as you are more likely to want to prevent your hardwood floor from being damaged than to find a cure for your damaged hardwood floor. Hopefully, you are now more able and have a much clearer sense of how to maintain your hardwood floor, such that you can have one lesser thing to worry about!

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