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4 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Get Involved in the Student Council During Your Studies

The student council is an institution of student self-government that represents the interests of all students in their subjects. It doesn’t sound that exciting at first – but it is. You can now see why the work of the student council is very interesting and why you should definitely get involved:

You Build a Network

When you’re new to the university, you usually don’t know anyone at first. Since many of your fellow students are in the same situation, this problem usually resolves itself quickly. However, there are definitely differences – from type to type and even from department to department. In the student council, you get to know your fellow students on your own. They don’t have to be among your best friends, but they will expand and enrich your circle of friends.

A student council is made up of students from different semesters, so you can benefit from the experience of your colleagues. By working on various boards and committees, you will also get to know your professors and other employees in your department and the university from a different perspective. Suddenly you meet at eye level. Not only do you know who your professors are, but your professors also get to know you the other way around. This is a crucial advantage for you and can open big doors for you.


You Learn New Skills

The work of the student council includes important organizational tasks. For example, the student council supports the course of study, plans parties or events in your department, and is responsible for organizing the introductory week for freshmen. Quite apart from the fact that good parties and freshman rallies are fun, you will learn new skills that are in demand but not taken for granted.

This includes building and improving your organizational skills. You gain experience in coordinating and adhering to other people, budgets, and schedules. You come into contact with marketing topics because you have to give your events a positive image and somehow make them known. For this, you need advertising materials, which in turn have to be designed. Official permits must also be obtained. Exhausting, no question – but definitely worth it. Because you think outside the box, acquire extraordinary skills and thus decisive advantages for your future career.

You Decide

There are countless committees at your university and in your department. These are made up of professors, scientific employees, employees from technology and administration, and students from the student council. If you belong to the student council, you can, for example, be elected to the examination board of your degree program. Examination regulations and module catalogs, as well as student applications for specific examinations or other topics, are discussed here.


So if something about your course doesn’t suit you or you have suggestions for modernization, then it’s worth working in the student council and examination board. There are also many other commissions and committees that deal with teaching or structural issues. For example, an important question for special committees is what happens to the available finances. As a student, you have a say here, which you should definitely exercise.

You Improve Your Resume

There’s no question about it: It’s not easy to get a dream job right after you graduate. There are too many competitors who meet the same professional requirements as you and have similar CVs. How can you change that and stand out from the crowd? Right, by being able to show more than your competitors. It takes one crucial extra on your resume that tells recruiters why you’re worth inviting.

Surely there are some ways that you can ensure a CV during your studies that will set you apart from the rest. One of them is definitely volunteering – at your university. If you get involved in your student council over a longer period of time, you show that you can stick with it. You also face difficulties outside of your core competencies, which you acquire through your studies. You have skills that others don’t have and are willing to put in the extra work.



Your department is important. And when you join the student force, you can make a difference for yourself and the community. Yes, you invest some time and energy – but the effort is worth it. Anyway, if you don’t have enough time to enjoy student life fully, then consider getting help for an essay writer – Hand Made Writing.

You build up a network of friends, decision-makers, and other important people, you can get the best out of your studies for you and your fellow students and extend your student finance. You will also learn completely new skills, which will look good on your CV in addition to volunteering and will help you in your job search.

Suggestion: Just take a closer look at your department. Check the website, go to a meeting, or talk to current members. You can always say no.

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