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4 Tips and Tricks to Gain an Audience When Growing Your Brand

We’ve all seen celebrities and brand managers create magnetizing personas they believe will sell to target audiences. Personal branding has moved from a market strategy built around an individual to a larger business – and everything in between. Now companies are stealing those tips and tricks and applying them to their campaigns. 

You can do the same! Audiences care about the brands they invest in, what that brand stands for, and how that brand’s message is communicated to people. You’re at the right place if you’re building your own business or want to learn more about branding. Let’s get into it!

Getting Your Image Out There 

A strong image translates through iconic branding. Think of some iconic brands; you want to be that instantly recognizable.

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One way to get the message out is through branded freebies like custom patches. Pens, mugs, and stickers are sent out to customers who subscribe to physical mailing lists. How about starting an incentive where every customer spending over a certain amount will receive their choice of a branded badge? People walking around the world with your brand attached to their clothing or backpack – that’s free marketing. 

Utilizing Social Media 

Social media platforms are so plentiful these days that knowing where to start may feel overwhelming. 

When growing your brand, it’s easy to forget about networking within the industry while you campaign to raise your customer audience. You can utilize some tremendous business-centered marketing platforms regardless of your industry. 

Networking inherently enhances your profile. By engaging with other companies, you work to build your knowledge level and increase your likelihood of referrals. 

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Your Story

Developing a narrative around your brand is critical to building personality through your brand. You don’t need the whole story ironed out immediately; this can evolve. 

A narrative shapes your brand identity and tells the world who you are, what your business stands for, whatever ethical code backs the company, and – this is important – how your audience perceives you. Let the essence of your story inspire the content you create. 

For example, imagine you’re an artist workshopping drama projects with young people. Your site and content should tell your audience what makes you passionate about working with young people; perhaps you were a teacher in the past. You appear more authentic already. Your story is your unique selling point, and sharing your story can transform your business.  

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Get Blogging 

If you’re a business owner, we can assume you have a specific area of expertise. Whatever that area may be, blogging is a great way to share your niche knowledge and skills, tick off content creation, and provide more value to consumers. 

Consumers often look for more product information on the seller’s site, like reviews and how-to guides. Having those resources readily available will improve footfall on your site and ultimately grow your brand as a company that knows what they’re talking about. 

Growing Your Brand 

There are a million marketing strategies to take inspiration from, but we hope these four tips get you up and running around growing a credible and recognizable brand. 

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