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5 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is becoming a pretty common problem. The lower back pain causes quite a few. Before you go with any of the lower back pain relief products, it is good to know about the reasons.

Once you know about the causes, choosing the right lower back pain relief products becomes easy for you.

5 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Pulled Muscle

Have you been lifting heavy objects recently?

If so, it might result in a pulled muscle. The same is true even when you’re sleeping in an improper posture.

A pulled muscle is characterized by a sore or a swollen back.

If you have lifted weights or something heavy or have slept in an improper posture, it might result in a back sprain. That is caused due to the pulled muscle.

It is one of the most common causes of lower back pain and you might wanna prevent it using some simple remedies. Pulled muscles or muscle soreness can be treated easily; all you have to do is to use a massage gun. A massage gun like Exogun DreamPro treats your muscles using percussion massage therapy, increasing oxygen level in your muscles and maintains the blood circulation around them, resulting in relaxation in muscles and ease in the pain. It is also a perfect remedy to be used in the back pain treatment.

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Whenever you’re suffering from injury or disease related to your back, it can result in inflammation. It is the body’s natural response.

The problem is that inflammation does not tackle the problem immediately. It causes lower back pain. That is why; inflammation is one of the most common causes of lower back pain.


The job of your spine is to help you keep your body upright. If you do not follow proper posture or have been lifting a lot of weight, there will be excessive pressure on your spine. When that happens, it will not only lead to discomfort but also lower back pain.

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Thus, excessive stress on your body is another reason you might suffer from lower back pain.

Ruptured Disc

Constant heavy weight lifting or improper posture can also damage the disc in your back. When that happens, you will suffer from severe lower back pain.

The problem is that when this occurs, you will have to contact the doctor right away.

Also, if you’re over the age of 45, suffering from a broken disc or damaged disc is highly likely.

If you’re suffering from acute lower back pain, there are chances that you might be suffering from a ruptured disc.

While it is not as common as improper posture, it is undoubtedly one of the most common causes of lower back pain.


Osteoporosis is an ailment that reduces the bone mass in your body. Osteoporosis generally affects men as well as women over the age of 45.

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Once the bone mass reduces, the pressure on your back increases.

Once the pressure increases, the chances of lower back pain also go up significantly.

Osteoporosis can lead to not only lower back pain but fractures as well.

That is why, if this is the cause of lower back pain, it is a good idea to tackle it right away. Only then you will be able to avoid fractures in the longer run.

So, when dealing with lower back pain, it is essential to know about the most common causes of lower back pain. Once you know the causes, it will become easier for you to eliminate them as well. Ignoring lower back pain is not the right way to go for it. That is why; it is a good idea to opt for the right lower back pain relief products once you diagnose the problem. That will provide you with proper relief in due time.

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