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App Development Trends that will Dominate 2021

Mobile application development is one of the fastest growing industries in the modern world. Thanks to constantly changing technologies, mobile development trends are also moving forward. They are constantly changing. Optimizing and modernizing application development processes is the key to meeting the ever-growing customer requirements. Modern app development technologies are numerous.

The era of AR/VR has just started!

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are among the best app dev trends, as they get more and more application in various fields. It is a visualization technique. It connects spatial perception to traditional sources of information. 

Virtual reality (VR) is simulations created using virtual reality headsets. The difference from augmented reality (AR) is that real objects completely disappear from the field of view. You only see the virtual environment. The event app development company GiraffeStudio actively use it.

Virtual reality technology is as follows. There are two small monitors in front of your eyes. The picture on them reacts to head turns and / or movements in space as if you were seeing real objects. Due to this, the user is more deeply involved in what is happening in the virtual space. He can look in all directions and in some cases even interact with virtual objects.

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Wearable devices

Apps are developed for wearable devices. This is the latest trend and the developers strive to develop features that integrate seamlessly into the watch, and the whole ensemble looks very chic and stylish.


The Internet of Things is another trend phenomenon that is making big business for both web development and mobile development. Android Application Development Services are designed to offer the best mix for different segments such as healthcare, retail, banking, and more. Thanks to the integration of IoT with mobile applications from https://giraffestudioapps.com/offer/android-mobile-apps/manual-testing-services/, people can control smart equipment.


Blockchain is the new guy on the block and has been recognized by app developers as one of the security tools for apps. This is due to the fact that it can take care of data fraud and thus is one of the most advanced ways that will also be the most fashionable.

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E-commerce still needs efficiency gains as more and more payment platforms are being developed for the convenience of smart customers. Since apps are a shortcut to payments, smart consumers are realizing the importance of this. All AI eruption is also related to services.

Additional trends

The developers are developing the “Lazy Loading” option. This is a relatively new concept. We all know that image web pages take a long time to load. So they come with options to include a page as their last feature. This allows users to quickly access content and minus images, which at times are not so important that they can be viewed as text. Thus, the trends have come to the fore and the developers are offering the very best to the users.

Bonus in the filed so that the introduction of internet speed, 5G. Several upcoming applications will be very advanced and highly acclaimed as they will only be available for devices with high-speed Internet access. These are the trends that are coming for 2021, but they will definitely remain.

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Chatbots are the newest and most advanced interaction between a smart client and the respective companies that develop such applications. Direct communication with customers helps a lot in maintaining better understanding and customer feedback. This can be very useful for redefining business goals and getting better results.

Currently, every Android app development company is developing an Instant App feature through which Android users can directly use the app without deep tethering. For this they use a remote control or smartphone from anywhere in the world. Such convenience has become an integral part of the life of a modern person. So IoT technology continues to actively develop.

To sum up

Application developers also need to focus on keeping users safe, as their personal information and data are stored in the respective applications to ensure a smooth operation. Hence, hacking can be a problem in the mobile app development market, which can be limited by appropriate security features enhanced in the apps. The future of app development is bright.

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