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5 Stylish Luxury Dress Watches for The Ladies from Rolex


The trend that’s known as “hot girl summer” is about to end. The ladies need to get their formal outfits ready since the pandemic’s end might be around the corner. Huge social events and business gatherings are making a comeback in the foreseeable future, and you’d want to look great when that happens. So if you need to find the perfect watch to match your fits, then look no further. Here are five stylish dress watches from Rolex.

Lady Datejust Chocolate Rose Gold

It is never too early to shop and get ready for incoming formal events after the summertime. If you want to get yourself or your lady friend a watch that screams luxury for that next business meeting, then you should get this Lady Datejust watch model from Rolex.

This rose gold timepiece is a work of art. The elegant design and size will fit any boss lady’s wrist without question. Its chocolate-colored dial perfectly contrasts with the metal and clarifies the eighteen-carat diamond-encrusted, star-shaped hour markers, and bezel. This kind of sophistication only comes from a Rolex.


Lady Datejust 18ct Yellow Gold Automatic Cornflower Green Diamond Dial

Rose gold isn’t for everyone, and even the ladies could agree to that. If that rings true to you, there is no shame in not liking anything new. But, on the other hand, you might be the type that wants the classics and needs a bit more time to try new ideas outside the box. Well, you’re in luck. This next watch gives you the quintessential luxurious feel of gold with a subtle hint of allure.

The eighteen-carat yellow gold Lady Datejust might look like a typical Rolex watch from a distance, but if you give it a closer inspection, you’ll see that it has an understated cornflower green tint to its dial. The color combination blends perfectly with the diamonds surrounding the bezel and the studded hour markers, which complete its elegant look.

Lady Datejust Oyster 18k Everose Gold Dial

There is such a thing as too many diamonds. So, if you’re worried that the last two watches have so many diamonds on them, then this might be the watch for you. The metallic rose gold is coming back for this model. Describing this one in simpler terms is relatively easy. You can imagine the first one on this list but with no diamonds on the bezel surrounding the case.


Don’t get it wrong. Fewer diamonds don’t mean it’s not luxurious anymore, especially on this timepiece. On the contrary, there is an elegance that comes with having a more straightforward design. Even though the precious gems were removed from the bezel, the shiny rocks still cover the hour markers, and it still has the eighteen-carat Everose gold as the primary material for the watch.

Lady Oyster Perpetual Silver/18k white gold, 26 mm

Let’s step away from the colorful gold watches for a moment and give some appreciation to the white gold metal. It turns out that it not only looks good as a bracelet or necklace, but it also exudes a certain beauty and finesse if used in creating ladies’ chronographs. The Oyster Perpetual from the Datejust line completely captures the essence of eternal splendor.

The entire piece is almost void of all colors. The metallic sheen from the white gold covers the entire watch and makes it look like a pearl from the sea. Its only hint of color comes from the six o’clock marker with deep blue gems embedded. This timepiece is the perfect accessory to any black tie events or any social business meetings you will have.


Datejust 31 Automatic Chocolate Dial Chronometer Diamond Bezel

Most watches made for women usually have a smaller diameter to match their wrists’ frame and have less weight. But sometimes, women want the option to have a more oversized watch. This prompted watchmakers to look for a balance between the watch’s size and make it larger but still retain some lightness instead of the weight of most men’s watches.

The Datejust 31 Automatic is one of Rolex’s answers to that question. Its diameter is the largest on the list, with thirty-one millimeters. But, that’s not the only thing that differentiates this piece from the others.

It has a two-tone theme that combines stainless steel and Everose gold. This timepiece also has a diamond-studded bezel encasing its face and a roman numeral sixth-hour marker, with the same design, on top of a chocolate brown face to bring everything together.


The Lady Datejust is one of Rolex’s lines catered explicitly to women. If you don’t see anything you like on the list, you’ll find more of their designs everywhere since this line goes way back from the 1950s.

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