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5 Things You Must Do When Visiting Sapporo

If you want to explore the true character of Japan, plan a visit to Sapporo. Apart from being the capital of Hokkaido, it is one of the most exciting cities in the entire nation. Winter activities are a special delight here, and it offers a lot of fun during summers, too. 

However, tourists often wonder what to do in Sapporo, and that’s because there’s a lot to explore while in this exuberant city. The famous Sapporo Snow Festival alone attracted 2.02 million visitors in 2020.

Here are five amazing things you must do while in Sapporo

Visit the Sapporo TV Tower

Visiting the Sapporo TV tower must be in the itinerary of everyone visiting Sapporo. The towering structure was built in 1956 bang in the middle of Sapporo city and the landmark that divides the city into North and South. The tower is a majestic 90m high, and you get a bird’s eye view of the city from the top. 

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From the tower, you can come down directly to the underground shopping village Aurora. Lined with shops and bustling with activity, you can shop for some excellent knick-knacks to take back home. Make sure that you drive a hard bargain and walk away with amazing things at throw-away prices.

Spend Time at the Odori Park

The Odori Park is one of the best-maintained parks in Japan. This park, spanning an area of 78,901 sq m, was created in 1869.  It runs right across the city center, dividing it into north and south. The Odori Park stretches across 1.5km and covers 12 city blocks, helping keep the city cool during summer. 

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The best time to visit Odori Park is in February when there’s a lot of activity with people gathering to celebrate the famous Sapporo Snow Festival. It is easily accessible, as it is right next to the Odori subway station, where three subway lines intersect. 

Chill out at the Sapporo Beer Museum 

Take a break from the sightseeing activities while in Sapporo and step into the beer museum. You’ll be served freshly brewed draft beer brewed locally. Get to taste the beer brewed by the local brewers. The smooth draft beer goes well with the local exotic cuisine. You’ll love the two-hour tour around the beer museum and the brewery and get to know the history of how beer was first made in Japan. The beer is named after the city and is famous all over Japan. 

Watch The Sapporo Clock Tower

The Sapporo clock tower is an unmistakable landmark and a famous tourist attraction in Sapporo. Constructed in 1878, it is a symbol of the local culture that goes back several centuries. There’s a museum on the first floor and a display hall filled with artifacts on the second floor. The unique architecture will amaze you, and the hourly chime of the tower clock can be pretty charming.

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Climb Mount Moiwa

If you wonder what to do in Sapporo, consider visiting Mount Moiwa. It is a must-see in the list of things to do while in Sapporo. Getting to the top offers a splendid view of the city, the Ishikari Bay, and the majestic Mashike Mountains. The night views from mount Moiwa are breathtaking and a sight any tourist can’t afford to miss. 

Summing it Up

Reading about Sapporo urges most people to pack their bags and set off to this quaint destination in the orient right away. With too many places to visit, you’ll run out of time too soon while in Sapporo.

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