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A Blog About How to Choose the Right Magento Development Company for Your E-Commerce Business

Digital agencies use CMS to create websites and ensure their work (adding new categories, changing the design, or introducing new functionality). On the other hand, customers have to deal with CMS in the process of posting texts on the site or, for example, processing customer orders.

The customer does not need to buy CMS separately. Instead, this responsibility falls on the contractor’s shoulders — they will add its cost to the total estimate.

The Right Choice of CMS: Why Does It Matter?

Deciding on a CMS is extremely vital. The cost of the future site, SEO quality, the convenience of subsequent operation, and much more depends on the management system.

Another essential point when building a CMS is its relevance among web developers. For example, a CMS developed by the employees of a specific web studio (self-written) does not, by default, imply further transfer of the project to another contractor. Before ordering a new version of the site (as a rule, this happens only after 3-5 years), the site owner will have to deal with a specific web studio, even if they were dissatisfied with the previous result. 

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Thus, experts advise researching the best ecommerce development company before ordering the site.

Where Can You Find Great E-Com Agencies?

The first step in meeting your Magento partner matching your values is to compile a list of potential providers. Of course, you can quickly put together this list by opening Google and doing some research.

However, choosing a team is a delicate decision: we are talking about a complex system, and very few agencies are prepared for its building at a professional level. Therefore, it is essential to verify that the provider you have chosen is experienced and competent on the subject.

Consult Professional Sites and Forums

Ask for recommendations from other e-merchants, and see which Magento code audit agencies cooperate with IT specialists recognized and complimented within the community. Actively ask for direct and personalized recommendations: describe the problem and the project in detail, details you want to have developed. Thus, e-commerce agencies will provide suggestions that may be right for you.

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Go to Professional Events

If you are looking for a long-term partner, you can also personally conduct an active search. Don’t hesitate to participate in Magento events and e-commerce fairs (Magento Imagine, One to One Monaco, E-Commerce Paris, Magento Live, etc.). You can chat with participants, ask for recommendations and proposals, attend conferences, etc. These steps will allow you to learn more about the areas of expertise of every agency, and thus you will own a better idea of ​​what best corresponds to your project and its specificities.

As a Customer, How To Prepare?

It sounds simple, yet you must write down exactly what you want to achieve at the end of the project: what are the goals you want to accomplish? And above all: how can the e-commerce agency help you fill them out? Try to define these goals as clearly as possible. Indicating the budget is also vital.

10 Questions to Pose:

  • Does geographic proximity to the partner matter?
  • How long has the service provider been cooperating with the service?
  • Can the partner describe how they see your joint work?
  • Does the offer include further technical assistance?
  • What type of quality assurance does the e-commerce provider work with? How do they perform the tests?
  • What can influence the project?
  • Who are you going to communicate about?
  • Have they conducted any major Magento integration projects?
  • Have they conducted any major Magento migration projects?
  • Will the service provider support you in optimizing your platform after it goes online?
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Last advice we could give you to assist your company in the final decision: do not forget to ask about the employees, their knowledge, especially the potential certifications from Magento, past experience, and personal attributes. Finally, do not ignore the issue of references from successful clients.

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