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7 Tips to Build A Healthy Mother-Daughter Relationship

A mother and daughter relationship is such a very unique and special one. Unfortunately, it can also be difficult and energy-draining with so many issues that can potentially ruin such a relationship. Of course, a problematic mother-daughter relationship can have long-term consequences and it’s not good for either the mother or the daughter.

In this article, we offer you some loving tips for you to rekindle that mother and daughter bond whether you’re the mother or the daughter wanting to make amends. In some cases, perhaps you’re here simply because you want to make this relationship even stronger.

Improve Your Communication

Communication, as in any relationship, is critical to its success. Neither you nor your daughter (or mother) has the ability to read people’s minds. When you’re honest with each other about how you are feeling, you will be able to prevent a petty issue from turning into a larger concern when you know how to communicate with what’s going on in your mind.

Part of improving your communication with your daughter (or mother) is also working on your ability to listen. It prevents you from inadvertently interrupting someone who is speaking. The brief pause serves as a natural cue that they are free to continue speaking. The pause also allows you to reflect on your own response.


Set Expectations That Are Realistic For Both

If you want your mother and daughter relationship stronger, then be practical. It’s fine if you’re not meant to be best friends like how other mother and daughter tandems are. It’s not a nice experience getting your expectations up for something that will never happen and then eventually becoming disappointed when it does.

Learn to Choose Your Battles

It’s sometimes worthwhile to agree to disagree. Mothers and daughters must realize that, while they are often similar in many ways, they were reared in different eras and have had distinct experiences. It’s fine if you and your mother have very different perspectives on relationships, parenting, and even career. It’s critical to recognize the areas where neither of you is likely to change your minds and to agree to appreciate the other’s point of view without being hostile or judging.

Dedicate Time to Spend Together

Spending time with your daughter is the best way to show her how much you love and value her. Regularly hanging out with her shows that you like her company and want to spend time with her.


Even a simple time to go for a walk once a week provides invaluable time to talk about anything and everything that matters to both of you. You get to take off your “mom” cap and learn about her fears, dreams, and even her daily concerns. She learns about you and your goals in the process. You might even learn that you have a lot in common!

Be Open to Forgiveness

Holding on to bitterness is terrible for your well-being. In fact, holding grudges has been proven to affect one’s physical health. It raises the heart rate, blood pressure, and nervous system activity based on studies. Embracing forgiveness, on the other hand, can promote general health by lowering stress levels.

Letting go can improve one’s relationships, emotional health, and career trajectory in addition to physical health. Bottled-up rage directed at one person might spread to other relationships. You may find yourself yelling at your own children at the drop of a hat if you resent your mother for evaluating your relationship with your spouse.

Seek Therapy or Counseling

For some cases, seeking therapy or counseling is also a helpful option. If having a conversation with your daughter (or mother) is difficult to come by without shutting down or escalating confrontations, then it may be time to seek professional help.

This is especially helpful for those with experiences of abuse, trauma, or loss. Whatever the cause, if both the mother and daughter want to be connected but are having problems finding solid ground in their connection, it’s time to seek help. In light of the pandemic, you can now find several options online. Many of them include overall health services for you.


Practice Self-Care

Lastly, it’s important that both of you have healthy self-care habits, especially if you’re dealing with a grown-up daughter. Self-care is essential throughout the life cycle of any mother-daughter relationship. Whether you’re a new parent or a daughter caring for an aging mother, you’ll need time for yourself. The trick is to take advantage of those opportunities to recharge.


Whichever stage of your mother-daughter relationship you are in right now, it’s very crucial that you maintain a healthy relationship with each other. Keeping this kind of relationship intact is also one of the things that many of us aspire to have. After all, having a strong relationship is one of the keys to having holistic health. Even the founder of HealthCanal, Erik Pham, believes that the general well-being of an individual relies on so many areas including healthy personal relationships. Therefore, we wish that the above-mentioned tips shared above will help you in your relationship with your daughter (or mother).

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