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Where to Look for Casino Slots with 8 Reels

Casinos are always changing up their online slot games, and that means switching up game features. You’ve probably been able to play progressive slots or look at progressive jackpot slots, but a lot of casino operators are starting to look at the number of slot reels – and increasing it.

What about non-standard online casino slots with 7 reels or more that go beyond the usual three-reel design. Can most online slots work with 7 or 8 reels?

What are 7-reel and 8-Reel Online Slots?

Slots game types with more reels are casino slot games that use a larger layout, sometimes square (8×8) and sometimes rectangular (3×7). Progressive jackpots, bonus rounds, bonus spins, and other features found in traditional slots can all be available since the slot itself is the same – just with more individual rows and symbols at once.

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Some of these are Megaways slot games, which use a specific kind of reel system, but they can also be unrelated games. The online casino slots work in the same way as any regular game, but with the game relying on more reels and scaling up the bonuses to match.

How Do These Good Slot Machine Cabinets Work?

When you play slots online, the video slots are always going to have their own features. Even a classic slot can have a random number generator, free spins round, or bonus feature not seen in other classic slots.

Some of these slots games don’t have reels: the casino pays out in symbols. Most have game weighting differences, and online slot designers might have different features for slot players to use. You can mostly play slot games online since they need special cabinets in physical casinos.

Common Features of Extra Reel Slot Machines

Aside from the usual Wilds, Scatters, and free spins, playing slots with more reels can often heavily involve certain bonus games. Often, this will also give you bonus money in your slot game winnings.

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Jackpots are very likely on any good slot with multiple extra reels. This can give you plenty of extra real money, although in some cases, the unused bonus funds expire if you don’t play with them first before withdrawing the winnings.

Most casinos have a cascading reels game. However, playing these slots online with more reels makes them more powerful since there are more spaces for the symbols to drop down and fill, Tetris-style. This can make a bonus bet incredibly powerful if you get lucky.

A free spins feature grants you a massive amount of free play spins as long as you can keep the chain going, meaning that you effectively get multiple free games at once. Combined with the other features here, you can hit free slots jackpots or major wins quite easily.

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A gamble feature lets you wager your bet against a binary choice instead of slot volatility. Gamble responsibly at max bet, and you can double your winning combinations – or lose the winning combination payout completely.

There is also the usual deposit bonus offers when you play online, which can be handy for three-reel slots or multi-reel slots. 

Which Online Casinos Host Them?

These casino games appear in most online casinos, but the best slot games and top online slots are usually found on the best sites. Looking at slot reviews before playing games (or slots specifically) is a good idea, too.

Look for sites that link to the National Gambling Helpline and have Megaways slots from good online gaming game developers – signs of good non-land-based casinos. Remember to play responsibly when playing slot games online. 

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