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Verstappen Holds Being The ‘Fastest’ Tag, But Hamilton Still On The Number One Position, Says Eddie Irvine!


When it comes to any kind of sport, there is a lot of discussion and debate surrounding it, and there are sports fanatics all over the world. There are all kinds of people supporting different teams and different players.

Watching various matches and championships is considered a great source of fun. People also like to bond over these sessions with friends and loved ones and have a gala time, with the sport matches or championships being the central point of these get-togethers. Watching any type of sport is a proven source of relaxation and enough to set the adrenaline rushing.

Formula One

Formula one is one such championship that involves motor racing and is supposed to be one of the most exciting championships in the world. With fans worldwide, Formula One is one of the most sought out championships and has many followers who like to keep a tab on all that is happening around this championship. This championship sees a lot of fanfare every time it is held and has people at the edge of their seats discussing, debating, and preparing to witness the thrill that is not found anywhere else.

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 All the Formula One fans can testify to this. Isn’t it? If you are new to this, it is obvious to feel a little left out and be curious to see what all the noise surrounding it is all about. Still, if you even read something to gain information to be acquainted with the basics, you would be eagerly waiting for the next race, that is for sure.

The two most famous team driver duo is undoubtedly Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull with Max Verstappen. These two racers have been in the news lately because of the statements made by Eddie Irvine. You might be curious to know too what has been said about them, and if you are a Formula One fan, then this article will be a treat for you. Read on to find out.

Here’s what Eddie Irvine has to say about Verstappen and Hamilton

Each player and its team has a separate fanbase and a bias from all kinds of people supporting it. Whenever the players, their game, or the team is in the news, it is bound to make their fans have all the ‘feels’ that bring a lot of emotions in one go. Many people like to be up to date regarding these things, so a quick brief about what’s going on is necessary for the fans to be able to contain that excitement and also get a quick update.

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So,here’s something to brief you about what is going on between the topmost Formula One car racers. Suppose you are an ardent follower of these races. In that case, you might be knowing that Lewis Hamilton has always been on the top of his game with many titles to his name and securing wins consecutively and also winning the championship last year. But this year, Max Verstappen is few points ahead of Lewis Hamilton, and there is a thrilling competition going on between these two that has everyone have unstable emotions with their fans at loggerheads over who is going to secure the first place this year. People all over the world are waiting to see what happens next with bated breath. Eddie Irvine, as we all know, is a former Formula One driver and having a lot of experience; he commenting on the racers of this season is a huge thing.

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 And what he had to say is that Max Verstappen is the fastest driver at the no doubt, but Lewis Hamilton still tops the list of the best drivers in the Formula One Championship. He also stated that Max Verstappen has a great talent, with being fast is what he does best. Lewis Hamilton is a thorough professional while not having much in the weak spot department for the other racers or teams to capture. So, Eddie Irvine made it clear that just being fast is not enough to top the list of the top racers in the world and requires much more than that; consistency is one of the virtues.

So, it will be interesting to see how Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton end this year’s season and what everybody has to say about their performances at the end, and where the experts would place them and rank them then.

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