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All That You Need to Know About MK Ultra Strain

MK Ultra! What a fancy name for marijuana! Well, this name came from a CIA project which focused on inventing various mind-controlling things. They were trying to produce something like a truth serum. Though it is an Indica-dominant strain, it has mind-bending, rare, cerebral effects that are not common with Indicas. This strain has the reputation of winning first place in 2003 in the High Times Cannabis Cup (in the Indica category). In the following year, it won second place. MK Ultra is a cross strain and should be smoked using a flower vaporizer. Many people know it as MK Ultra OG, Ultra MK, Ultra Sour Strain, and Ultra OG. 

Is it Sativa or Indica? 

The classification of most strains as Sativa or Indica is rather straightforward. The strain in question is categorized as an Indica since it propagates like an Indica and possesses a 60/40 split. But the effects are more similar to that of a Sativa. So, it’s likely that one can expect to experience much better results than other strains of Indicas. 


Who are the parents?

T.H. Seeds created this MK Ultra stain in the late 1990s and named it after the CIA project. The maker combined a Sativa dominant strain with an Indica dominant strain to create a potent new one. They succeeded in doing so, and thus the mku strain came into existence. The parent strains involved are G-13 and OG Kush. 

What’s the price?

MK Ultra seeds are readily available online and are not that pricey. As they are easily obtainable, anyone can grow them. This has affected the price. Moreover, this strain is no longer regarded as the most excellent version. Every other day new strains are being created. So, one must not spend more than ten dollars per gram for MK Ultra anywhere in the world. 


Why do people take it?

This strain is effective in treating stress mainly. It can act as a pain reliever. People use it to treat depression and insomnia as well. But the effects may vary from person to person. So, you will have to try it out for yourself to see how it helps you. 

How does it taste?

The taste is quite comparable to its parents. It derives its kush-like aroma and taste from OG Kush. Before smoking MK Ultra, if you thoroughly grind it, it will allow you to enjoy the actual taste. If possible, smoke this strain of marijuana on a blunt as plant materials do not combust and the amount of heat used is significantly less than when you smoke it in a usual way. 


What should you do if you feel stoned after smoking it?

You can get pretty high by smoking this strain. So, here are some things that you can do to feel less overwhelmed.

  • Take a cold bath, and stay in the shower as long as possible.
  • A hot cup of coffee can help.
  • Eating an orange can make you feel less stoned.
  • Lie down and relax and let the effect subside. Till then, you can try to breathe normally.


People take MK Ultra to help them deal with pain, sleeping problems, and depression, but mainly to combat stress. If you are up for it, we would advise you to use a flower vaporizer to get its maximum effect. 

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