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All-Weather Bicycle Covers


Bikes are personal freedom. No matter where one lives, they are reliable, dependable, and run on a renewable engine – people. However, like anything mechanical, a bicycle needs to be maintained and cared for. If not, it begins to break down. General maintenance is not hard but it includes two parts: regular part replacement when things are worn out, and protection from the elements.

The first part can be proactive. Folks can easily manage the parts and wear maintenance on a schedule, avoiding issues by preventing them beforehand. However, the second part is a bit harder. Over time the weather, elements, road grit, and more can take a toll on a bike. And even more, damage can happen if the bike is left outside on a regular basis. A key factor that helps cut down on the damage if the bike must stay outside is an all-weather bicycle cover.


Designed for Protection from the Elements

A bike cover can be extremely useful in fending off the rain, lowering the chance of moisture-contact corrosion, and it can keep dirt and grit that blows around outside from tearing away at your bike’s parts. A good cover will be waterproof or, at a minimum, water-resistant. It will also be durable, i.e. the stitching won’t fall apart after a few months of being in the sun and air outside. It should also be flexible enough to be foldable and storable when not in use. You may have to take your cover with you at times if you need to travel. 


The cover should also accommodate your typical bike needs as well. If you have to secure the bicycle to something to make sure it’s still there in the morning, the cover should accommodate the ability to use a bike lock easily. 

Not Usable for Every Circumstance

Bike covers are useful for a lot of protection, but wrapping them around a bike for transit and road resistance is not a good idea. While even the best of covers will resist the wind, the flapping and movement of the cover at high speed when on a bike rack will eventually damage the bike body itself. It’s actually better to cover the bike when staying put and parked than trying to protect it from the highway wind. 


Protect Your Investment

A bike cover is an extremely smart idea when you need to put your bicycle in storage for an extended period as well. One would think that being in storage and covered would be fine for a bicycle but, believe it or not, damage can occur inside a container or structure as well. Garages are not the most secure places. Sometimes they have leaks. They also have issues with rodents which can be particularly problematic as they like to chew on things. 

All weather bicycle covers are well worth their money, as an investment and protection for your bicycle. Especially if it’s a good ride, you’ve put a lot of energy into earning your asset. Don’t let it fall apart out of a small lack of care.

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