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Architectural Styles

Architectural Styles: Top 7 Popular Architectural Home Styles

Are you looking for a change, maybe from your current Truoba mid-century modern house plans to a different architectural style?

While there are dozens of home architectural styles, you can choose from, deciding the best type can sometimes get tricky. So here, we will provide a list of the most common stylish designs ideal for you. 

Let’s get started

Top 7 Popular Architectural Home Styles

  1. Bungalow

Bungalows originated in India in the 17th century. Initially, the buildings were known as Bunguloues, referring to temporary constructions. Later, the architecture evolved to Bangla, Bungales, Banggolos, then to bungalows in 1820.

As the name suggests, bungalows are low buildings – single-story houses with long verandas, stooping roofs, and dormer windows. The availability of attics distinguishes bungalows from other styles.

Bungalows are known to be smaller, cheap, and easy to construct. They are ideal for small families. If you have a small lot, a bungalow-style home can be your perfect design.

  1. Cape Cod

This is the other most popular house plan today. It is also one of the earliest home designs, dating its origin in the 17th century but gained popularity in the 1930s.

The Cape Cod houses are broad low buildings, usually symmetrical single-story buildings with relatively steep roofing. They are typically constructed using local materials, capable of withstanding stormy weather and harsh winter weather. The steep roofing helps to minimize the retention of winter snow. The houses also have low ceilings for maximizing warmth retention. 

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Additionally, the Cape Cod-style houses feature a large living room, massive centralized chimney, and double-hung windows. Often the style includes attics or half-finished second story.

The Cape Cod-style is popular in New England and America. It is ideal for large lots. However, the style is cheap and easy to construct and maintain.

  1. Adobe Revival

Adobe revival style is more prevalent in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, America, Spain, and Eastern Europe. Adobe is one of the earliest architecture in human history, dating its origin to 8300 BC. However, the style evolved significantly in 1200 CE after the Spanish invented the making of adobe bricks.

As the name “adobe” suggests, the adobe homes are constructed using mud bricks. 

Adobe revival home style is a modernized traditional adobe architecture. That is, it imitates the appearance and structural traits of traditional Pueblo architecture. 

Adobe revival-style houses feature flat roofing, vigas (projecting wooden roof beams), wooden doors, and porch posts.

The style is ideal for people who envy ancient feelings. 

It is sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

  1. Contemporary
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Contemporary design is one of the latest house styles. The plan constitutes a range of modern house styles. 

Contemporary plans vary from one architecture to the other. Therefore, there are no specific features that define this house design. Usually, the style blends various building materials, starting from bricks, metal, stucco, wood to glass. 

This design is ideal for individuals who love the trend. In addition, it fits perfectly in both large and small lots, making it adaptive to different lifestyles.

  1. Mid-Century Modern

The term mid-century modern design defines architects of the mid-20th century – between 1930 and 1965. Its simplicity and integration with nature characterizes the design

Mid-century modern houses feature flat planes and large glass windows and doors. 

The architects focus on maximizing outdoor views and entry of natural light into the house, promoting healthy living. 

  1. Mediterranean

Mediterranean style, sometimes referred to as modern Spanish, blends the Moorish, Italian, and Spanish architecture. This style originated in the early 20th century. It dominates in warm locations like California and Florida.

Mediterranean houses feature tiled slant roofs, large windows, exposed beams, over balconies, and smooth stucco exterior walls. Usually, the architectures are broad single-story buildings. However, you can format the style to adapt your lot size, budget, and lifestyle.

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This home design also appreciates the natural environment. It emphasizes landscaping, enhancing the desired lifestyle.

  1. Victorian

Victorian house design is the other most popular architectural style today. 

This architectural style dominates in the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. It draws its history from the Queen Victoria era between 1837 and 1901.

The distinctive features of Victorian homes include steep gabled roofing, towers, turrets and dormers, and bright color. They also feature large living rooms with high ceilings. Usually, Victorian houses go up to three stories.

Final Words

So which style pleases you most?

Is it adobe revival, bungalow, or the mid-century modern style? 

Note that several factors, including your lifestyle, location, budget, and the number of occupants, can affect our decision significantly. Therefore, ensure you have to keep your preferences in mind before settling on a design. It is also recommendable to ask for advice from your designer when you have doubts about your choice.

Other less common but classic architectural styles worth considering include;

  • Contemporary Craftsman
  • Country
  • Craftsman 
  • Federal Colonial
  • Florida
  • French Country
  • Georgian
  • Greek Revival
  • Log
  • Northwest
  • Prairie
  • Ranch Queen Anne Architecture
  • Gothic Architecture
  • Victorian, and 
  • Italianate.
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