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Can I get a Job by Learning Python?

Learning Python has hit the mainstream. Hundreds of today’s most popular technology firms, including Instagram, Netflix, Reddit, Lyft, Google, and Spotify, have been using Python. However, it is also used on your local bank, the New York Times, and Bloomberg. Python provides some simple paths to find productive work. 

Jobs with Python

Python is a popular, clear, and simple object-oriented programming language. Many startups and big companies use this Python language. Python is so popular that it is commonly employed in statistics and data science for automation. It also has a simple syntax. It is relatively easy to learn because the syntax has a lot in common with English. Only a programmer can understand tricky words. This language can help with a wide range of programming tasks and is an excellent option for developing prototypes. Another good reason to learn Python is that it doesn’t put maintenance at risk.

Many programmers study Python online. Many of them use Python as their first programming language. It is a perfect solution because you can learn other languages more quickly if you are excellent with Python. It’s easier to learn Python than to know many different languages. Therefore, it’s no wonder that there are so many Python developers who are beginners. As per statistics, 22 percent of Python developers have a coding experience for one year or less.

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The simplicity of Python is the main reason for the continuous rise in the number of Python developers. There are about seven million programmers in Python, so if you are going to get a job in this field, you will have a certain competitiveness level. Many programmers are aware of Python but have problems to use their knowledge in practice.

Job roles with Python skills

Python is, without question, one of the best languages for programming if you want to develop your career. What profiles are to be applied? Or which Python techie profiles might you get? Here is the list of such profiles that you can find if you go for Python.

  1. Python developer: The most direct job for anyone who knows Python’s programming language is to become a Python developer. A wide variety of businesses are seeking to hire Python developers. Python developers with the Python language build, execute, and debug projects. Python is used by web and mobile application developers, software engineers, data scientists, and coders. The developed projects and applications are personalized to meet the employees’ needs. Some Python developers can also work for many employers independently.
  1. Data analyst: It’s a fascinating prospect. It is mainly for those who want to work with vast data quantities and make sense of them. Again, that’s a skilled profession. Many organizations search for people who can deal with accessing extensive data sets.
  1. Product Manager: Product managers analyze key consumer roles, recognize market disparities, and argue why those products should be designed. As data plays a significant role in their work, many companies search for product managers who know Python.
  1. Machine learning (ML) engineer: If you do not know already, please let me know that this position’s posts have increased by more than 330 percent in the last few years. They will hire you from other applicants if you know Python. An ML engineer builds and trains machines, software, and other computer-based systems to use their expertise to make predictions.
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How to get a job in Python?

You can learn Python in two ways.

  1. One is a fast Python online course, and the other takes approximately one year. If you master Python via an online mode, you are sure you will not lack much. You will get more details on what others think and also finalize preparation and create projects.
  2. If you are not interested in spending more on this, you can use free online tutorials at your own pace. But it will not assure performance, and it will be slow.

Python developer common career paths

Here are some typical ways to start your career with Python coding.

A. If a candidate has a Bachelors degree in Science/Engineering

Career Path 1:

  • Obtain a software engineering degree 
  • Fulfill relevant Python projects 
  • Apply for a software developer or web positions

Career Path 2:

  • Get a computer science degree. 
  • Get Big Data and Data Analytics certification. 
  • Join at the enterprise as a data scientist or engineer

Career Path 3:

  • Get a physics degree 
  • Take Python online courses and finish projects 
  • Collect technical data science and machine learning certifications 
  • Intern or work as a data scientist or ML engineer
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B. If a candidate has a Bachelors degree in Science/Engineering

Career Path 1:

  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration
  • Try to learn Python online and finish projects. 
  • Choose a Master’s degree in Data Science or Marketing/Business Analytics. 
  • Internship or search for a job as a Business analyst

Career Path 2:

  • Get a diploma from any stream 
  • Learn Python course online or in class. 
  • Finish Python projects 
  • Build a portfolio and apply for a Python developer job

Note: The career paths listed above are just examples. There is no fixed path in Python development to start a career. It can change based on the individual’s background, preferences, and python skills.

To conclude

Python is a flexible programming language and also an easy choice. Python jobs are again rising due to its increasingly growing popularity and universal reliance on web or computer apps. As many industries recognize the benefits of using Python, there is enormous demand for Python developers in India and abroad.

Who said that a fresher in Python could not get a job? You can get a Python job in a company you wish if you try hard enough. Even you can be a software developer excelling in Python or a data scientist who uses this language to increase business value for data. You won’t be losing opportunities if you’re an experienced Python developer or someone who has just completed the course. You take home about 3-5 lakhs per year in your first job with Python. With experience, the salary can cross quickly to over 7-8 lakhs.

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