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Changes in the profession system in the update Dragonfly for World of Warcraft

In the near future, the gaming world will see a new, big update for World of Warcraft called Dragonfly.

Players are waiting for new lands – islands inhabited by dragons, a new race and class, raids and dungeons, and long-awaited changes and improvements in the profession system.

Players have long questioned the relevance of professions and their role in the game server economy system, preferring raids and dungeons as a source of valuable equipment, so the developers have revised their views on an important aspect of the WoW game world and a number of changes await players.

To prepare for the update and changes in the game world, you need to get your main character up to level 60, so that when the update comes out immediately, he will go to conquer new lands and swing to the new maximum possible level – 70.

You can do this in two ways:

  1. Go to the Shadowlands to complete raids and dungeons, and complete story quests as the main source of experience.
  1. Follow the link to https://skycoach.gg/wow-boost/dragonflight and order boosting services on a special website in order to be one of the first to be ready to explore the new lands of the Dragonfly update.
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Major Profession System Changes

New parameter – quality

Quality is a new attribute that will be assigned to all items and consumables associated with professions. Now every artisan has a chance to create higher level equipment and potions that will have enhanced stats and have additional effects and upgrades compared to regular armor, weapons and potions.

Special Skills

Now each profession will receive special passive buffs related directly to the profession. Such skills will enhance the created items, endow them with special properties, and allow the player to independently change the power-ups in the equipment.

Order system

Now every player who has a recipe in his hands from which to create an item will be able to place an order and wait for the artist who will complete it.

Ordering options:

Create an order, and then the contractor must provide resources and work for free.

Create an order and expose resources – the performer works without payment, but develops skills.

Create an order, expose resources and set the payment that you think is worthy for the service. The character will gain experience in his craft.

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The service will be carried out through a special NPS, who will take the recipe and additional materials from you and give it to the contractor – there is no chance to deceive the system.

Accordingly, if you act in the status of an artisan, then you will go to the NPC, view the orders and decide whether they are worth taking on.

In Valdrakken, the new city and capital of the Dragon Islands, craft tables will be installed for everyone who wants to craft weapons, armor, jewelry and potions without being tied to new NPCs and as an alternative to the new system.

Craft without special specialization

If previously all created items were clearly associated with the craft and you needed a special skill to create and work with them, now the binding has been canceled. In Dragonfly, developers are introducing a crafting system and the ability to create masterpieces without being tied to a specific skill.

Artisan Specialization

Now, each specialist in his profession will be able to choose and upgrade his specialization, which will set him apart from the rest.

Specialization will affect a specific area of ​​activity in a certain profession. If the blacksmith chooses the specialty of working with armor, then he will make this equipment better than others, having a chance to create a masterpiece and improving his skills to constantly strengthen the armor he creates.

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Also, the specialist will be able to work with orders from other players and improve his profession faster.

The quality of pumping and the power of amplification in the created equipment will also be affected by resources and their quality and the level of specialization of the artisan.

On the plus side, a new system of crafting and orders with the ability to complete tasks from other players in large volumes will allow the character to quickly master the desired specialization and move on to creating masterpieces.

Also, each player, having received an item with unsuitable characteristics in the dungeon, will always be able to contact the blacksmith to change the parameters of the armor in favor of his class.

Professional equipment

In World of Warcraft Dragonfly, players will be able to obtain and upgrade special equipment related to professions. It will not take up a slot in the inventory and will be equipped on the character every time he engages in a craft related to him.

Equipment will be available to many professions, including cooks.

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