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For New Collectors: Five Stunning Watches From Audemars Piguet

Copycats have attempted to replicate Audemars Piguet watches in the past due to their high esteem and prestige. As a result, customers of the legendary Swiss brand end up buying counterfeit models that bear no resemblance to the real thing. After its inception in 1875, Audemars Piguet has revolutionized the watch industry with unrivaled architecture. 

This type of design combines traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary style. Audemars Piguet has about eight sets of conventional timepieces, including limited-edition versions such as the Millenary. New watch collectors may also look into Audemars Piguet’s most famous range, the Royal Oak.

A Brief Background of Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet & Cie was founded in 1881 and was headquartered in Le Brassus, a village in Switzerland’s Vallée de Joux. Audemars Piguet developed complicated watch movements for other watchmakers to use, such as Tiffany & Co. Piguet specialized in watch movement control. They divided the duties when running their own business until they became partners: 

Audemars was in charge of manufacturing and technological aspects, while Piguet was in charge of distribution and management. Paul Louis Audemars and Paul Edward Piguet were among the company’s second-generation founders, while Jacques Louis Audemars and Paulette Piguet were among the third.

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Royal Oak Concept Tourbillon Chronograph

The exquisite Oak Concept Tourbillon watch is a fine piece for AP watch enthusiasts because of its elegance. Besides, this model has incredible architecture and is stunning. The timepiece is equipped with a scratch-resistant crystal clear sapphire crystal on the front section and case back and 100-meter water resistance. 

Though the 44mm 18K Rose Gold case is undeniably attractive, the dial is the watch’s most conspicuous function. The dial is the main plate of the fitted caliber 2941 hand-wound action. Meanwhile, the watch’s inner brown bezel is marked by time markers. 

Aside from its elegant beauty, this watch still has several valuable features for its wearer. A minute timer, a power reserve indicator, and, most notably, a 237-hour power reserve are among the elements.

Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Volcano

This watch is a one-of-a-kind model that combines the Royal Oak’s traditional octagonal bezel with bright orange highlights. Eight hexagonal screws hold the bezel on the 42mm stainless steel shell. These support the Sapphire crystal that protects the black “Méga Tapisserie” dial and the inner bezel with the tachymeter scale. 


The white-gold hands on this watch are made of luminescent material to ensure that it can be read at night. This watch features a 59-jewel caliber 3126/3840 self-winding mechanism for accurate timekeeping. It provides a 50-hour power reserve and outstanding features such as a chronograph, tachymeter, and even a date shown to the wearer.

Royal Oak Offshore Diver

This watch features a 40-jewel caliber 3120 self-winding mechanisms that can keep time for up to 60 hours. It will have a precise six beats per second at the same time. This model also has a “Méga Tapisserie” dial with white gold hands and hour-indicators painted with luminescent content.

These enhance its readability, mainly when used to explore the dark blue sea’s depths. This watch is water-resistant to 300 meters thanks to its firmly screwed steel case and durable glare-proof sapphire crystal. As a result, it’s not just a practical dive watch, but it’s also exact.

Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph

Along with its elegant racing style, the Offshore Chronograph is an excellent option. This model has a silvered “Méga Tapisserie” dial with white gold luminescent hands and classy subdials for added beauty.

This model has a silvered inner bezel, and the black ceramic bezel bolted onto the stainless steel 44mm shell. A tachymeter scale is boldly calibrated to aid in speed estimation. This watch also features a caliber 3126/ 3840 self-winding movement with 59 jewels that powers different functions.


Wearers will benefit from high-precision time counters as well as a 50-hour power reserve as a result. This watch has a hypoallergenic rubber band with a rustproof and sturdy steel pin buckle for a comfortable fit.

Audemars Piguet Millenary 4101

The first edition of the AP Millenary was published in 1995. The current limited-edition watches all feature an off-centered dial and a noticeable balance wheel. It also comes with a black dial with rose gold hands and Roman numerals. On the VII and VIII markers, a black second-dial is also added.

This watch has a robust sapphire crystal to provide an outstanding ultra-luxurious experience for its owner. Meanwhile, the Geneva Stripes finish includes the obvious splendors of the caliber 4101 installed and parlance on the movement’s back.


Audemars Piguet watches are worn by a wide range of watch enthusiasts and celebrities. As a result, modern buyers can fill their collections with classic Royal Oak versions and even Millenary limited editions. Keep in mind that the more classic watches you acquire, the more timeless they get.

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